10 Most Visited National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania

The 10 Most Visited National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania. Tanzania is a sensory overload. It is unrivaled in terms of natural beauty, rare wildlife viewing, and rich culture. Extremes shape the landscape. Mountains, lakes, grasslands, and rainforests can all be found in the same area. Also, safaris in Tanzania are among the best in the world, with most visitors seeing at least one of the “Big 5” game animals: lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and buffalo.

Tanzania National Parks

The Maasai graze their livestock alongside these wild animals. Making them one of the world’s few groups to maintain their traditional, nomadic lifestyles in modern times.

As a result, it is no surprise that tourism is on the rise in this beautiful East African country, and no visit is complete without a visit to some of Tanzania’s stunning national parks. Each one has its own distinct natural wonders, adventure activities, and cultural experiences that will awe even the most seasoned traveler.

Map of National Parks in Tanzania

Map of National Parks in Tanzania

How many National Parks are there in Tanzania?

TANAPA manages the nation’s 22 Tanzania National parks which covers approximately 15% of the land area and has the mandate to conserve and manage the wildlife in Tanzania, and to enforce the related laws and regulations in this industry.

Which is the biggest national park in Tanzania?

Ruaha National Park is a national park in Tanzania. The addition of the Usangu Game Reserve and other important wetlands to the park in 2008 increased its size to about 20,226 km2 (7,809 sq mi), making it the largest protected area in Tanzania, as well as in East Africa.

Tanzania | Budget Safari to 5 National Parks

Popular National Parks in Tanzania

A-List of the Popular National Parks in Tanzania: Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Selous Game Reserve, Gombe National Park, Arusha National Park, Ruaha National Park, Katavi National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park, Mikumi National Park

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