Why Book with Kabira Safaris?

Why book with Kabira Safaris: 1. We offer Accessible Tourism, 2. We are Passionate about Conservation, 3. We are African Safari Specialists, 4. Our Planning Process is Easy, 4. Your Details are Private

We are proud to be a knowledgeable African safari company with a reservations team flexible enough to customize your safari. Wondering why you should book your next Tour to Africa with us? Here is what we have to say;

We offer Accessible Tourism

Travel should be accessible and inclusive to all kinds of travelers. We make tourism accessible by running trips that cater for travelers with special needs. We always try our best to ensure that all kinds of travelers reach their dream destinations when they have a Tour in Uganda, Safari to Rwanda, Tour in Congo, Safari in Kenya, Tour in Tanzania  

Tour Africa with us no matter the kind of disability. We help travelers with access requirements like help in mobility, listening, and other cognitive dimensions to reach their destinations. Parents with little children too, should not fail to travel for we help them enjoy their trips and have their children catered for. 

Making tourism accessible is our aim and we shall always gladly help all kinds of travelers even if it’s about gorilla trekking that requires hiking.

We are Passionate about Conservation

Conservation is all we can do to keep this beauty intact, therefore we do everything possible to make sure the environment is least affected. We do this by using fuel-efficient and well-maintained 4×4 safari vehicles.

In the parks we leave only footprints and take only memories, therefore we leave nothing external in the park and carry out nothing from the park. We encourage our clients to do the same.

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We are African Safari Specialists

We Know Africa, and we have been to all most all the African Safari Destinations including: Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, and Tanzania

We know Uganda, we’ve been to the 10 national parks in the country and other adventure, wildlife and birding spots. Our team of specialists has extensive knowledge in what actually is in all of the tour hot spots in Uganda.

This is why we tailor trips according to traveler requests but with a lot of guidance. We shall tell you why, when, how and how best to visit every single destination of Uganda. 

Based in Uganda, we have the advantage of receiving the latest information and therefore planning trips that are up to date. 

African safaris tours to us should be planned according to your interest and that’s what we do. Our expert team will work with you to ensure its actually what you need and no changes will ever be made without your consent and approval. 

Our Planning Process is Easy

Our website provides all the details for one to contact us. When you get in touch, our reservations personnel will be in touch with you all the time to ensure your African Safari is well planned. Planning a trip is the most important part of the journey and therefore we take it very seriously.

Depending on what is convenient for you, we can chat with you on the phone at +256 (0) 779 820 753, WhatsApp, and whatever means you are comfortable with. We would love to mostly have your conversation with us by email and we shall always ensure fast and relevant responses.

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Your Details are Private

When you contact us we ensure that your email, contacts and any other details stay with just us. We will never share any of your personal information with any third party. Never shall we send you spam and if you opt in to receive emails from us for any updates, you are free to opt out at any time.

Your information is kept private and no third parties are involved in the conversation. You’ll be communicating with our reservations personnel directly. We only use your information to communicate with you during the Uganda safaris booking process. 

Privacy helps you communicate even those little details with your safari planner and in case there’s a need for any kind of special help during the trip it can be organized

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