Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa is a B Corp Certified Partner

Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa is a B Corp Certified Partner – Building a Better Africa. Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa is honored to have earned the B Corp certification, which attests to our firm’s sincere efforts to use business as a catalyst for societal good. In addition to holding us to rigorous standards of community development, environmental responsibility, and animal conservation, our certification demonstrates to our clients that we are steadfast in our commitment to these ideals.

By joining B Corp, we’ve joined a network of companies committed to making the economy more diverse and sustainable. Our collective goal is to change the way we vacation such that each trip has an everlasting impact on our lives. We’re not just in it for the money, and we always work toward a purposeful profit.

What Is B Corp?

B Corporations, or Benefit Corporations, are certified businesses that place an emphasis on social and environmental good in addition to financial success.

B Corps make a public commitment to making a positive impact by pursuing a future in which enterprises are a force for good and where profits are not prioritized over people’s well-being, the preservation of wildlife, or the health of the environment.

B Corporations are also devoted to influencing other companies, government officials, and customers to adopt more ethical and environmentally friendly methods of doing business. A company’s commitment to creating a better world is represented by the B Corp designation.

Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa And B Corp

We are proud to have earned B Corp certification, which demonstrates our dedication to upholding the highest levels of integrity in all of our business dealings and operations.

Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa was required to demonstrate excellence in the following five impact categories before receiving certification:

  • Customers – dedication to honest promotion, openness, and delighted clients.
  • Environment – sustainable sourcing, recycling, and other environmentally friendly measures.
  • Community – effect on the neighborhood, like using local vendors, giving to charity, and backing community initiatives.
  • Workers – its remuneration, benefits, and promotion policies and procedures, as well as its general treatment of its employees.
  • Governance – purpose of the business and how it is factored into the company’s organizational chart and policymaking procedures.

By booking with us, you’re supporting a company that actively seeks to make a positive difference in the world through the power of its brand and resources. join a group that is advocating for more ethical tourism practices.

We are strong advocates of giving voice to underserved populations, protecting precious ecosystems, and celebrating cultural variety. Positive Impact Safaris and Trips with a Purpose are two examples of our custom-designed vacation packages that emphasize conservation, environmental responsibility, and responsible travel.

Come with us as we travel over Africa and witness its wonders for yourselves. Experience breathtaking scenery, meet fascinating locals, and learn about other cultures all because you made a conscious decision to support sustainable tourism.

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