African Small Group Tours for Seniors, Couples, Families 2024

African Small Group Tours for Seniors, Couples, Families Designed By Africa Safari Experts & Reviews.

We appreciate your support as we begin Kabira Safaris‘ fifth year. We are pausing all small group tours with scheduled departure dates due to the continued high demand for our custom itineraries. Although we recognize that those of you who were hoping to join one of our hosted small group tours may be disappointed by this decision, it is still possible to experience the thrill of one of our small group tours on a private basis.

OUR SAFARI OF A LIFETIME (Serengeti Tanzania)

Top Luxury Small Group Tours

small group tours in Uganda

Planning luxury small group tours in Uganda is as easy as picking your safari destinations and then choosing from the best lodges in the parks or nearby.

Game Drive in Akagera National Park Rwanda

Small group holidays in Rwanda Join a small group on an adventure through Rwanda and you’ll instantly have access to everything you need to know about exploring in Central Africa. Solo travelers love this type of tour and your local guide will show you their homeland as well as plenty of exciting neighboring countries along the way.

how to book a safari in Tanzania

Small group tours in Tanzania; Activities such as cycling across the Serengeti and scaling Mount Kilimanjaro are best attempted with moral support. Our Tanzania small group tours provide just that – travelling with a likeminded group and a tour leader, so you can share the adventure. It also cuts the cost of travelling to more remote regions in the south, and gives you someone to share your Big Five tales with around the campfire each evening.

National Parks in Kenya

Small group tours in Kenya; Kenya small group holidays reveal a hidden side to East Africa. Discover remote Maasai villages, cycle across the savannah, explore lesser-known national parks and get help with your Swahili! Traveling in a small group means all the hard work is done for you – the planning, the transport and figuring out local food – allowing you to sit back and enjoy the adventure, with likeminded travel companions.

What makes our Luxury Small Group Tours Special?


Our small group tours are created so that you can see the world’s treasures from a fresh perspective. We explore areas that are off the beaten path and less visited by tourists in order to learn more about our destinations than most people do. Every element of a Kabira Safaris Small Group Trip is created with luxury in mind since we believe that nothing should be compromised. As a result, we make sure you have exclusive access to the most luxurious hotels and the most amazing private tours.

Each of our opulent small group tours has a specific date, a certain fee per person, and a predetermined group size. You can go on a trip by yourself, with a friend, as a couple, or with several pals. They provide a truly carefree way to travel, confident in the knowledge that your trip will be led by a member of the Kabira Safaris team who will make sure every moment is particularly exceptional.

Our unmatched network opens doors that others just cannot because of the special friendships we have developed over the past 5 years. Think unique admittance to exclusive residences, extraordinary experiences that would not otherwise be possible unless you were traveling with us, and special access to some genuinely inspirational people and places.

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