Zanzibar Vacation Packages: All inclusive Beach Holidays, Cost

Zanzibar Vacation Packages: All inclusive Beach Holidays, Cost. Plan your Zanzibar Beach honeymoon Package and enjoy the adventure in a relaxing and comfortable way. A beach holiday in Zanzibar is relaxing. Zanzibar Island lies on the coast of the Indian Ocean and is part of the People’s Republic of Tanzania. With white beaches, sparkling blue seas, and lush palm trees, the Zanzibar archipelago is a paradise. The stunning natural beauty offers the perfect peaceful location for true relaxation, whereas the more adventurous will love exploring the delights of the main island. A holiday here is really rewarding. The palm-fringed beaches in Zanzibar have manifested their spot in the top safari destinations in Africa. Free yourself from the confines of walls and daily schedules, plan your beach Holiday safari to Zanzibar and enjoy the adventure in a relaxing and comfortable way.

Things to do in Zanzibar Whilst on Vacation

Zanzibar Honeymoon Packages and Beach Holiday is a means of finding the sand in between your toes, relaxing with a drink in hand, and turning over your body in the most conducive environment. The Zanzibar Archeology is a combination of more than 40 Islands with stunning beauty and lies on the Indian Ocean coast. Besides the beaches, Zanzibar has much more to offer with some world heritage sites protected by UNESCO.

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Does Zanzibar have nice beaches?

Zanzibar archipelago boasts some of the most beautiful beaches globally. There are several beaches here such as Nakupenda Beach which is by far one of them and the experience here is second to none. The ward Nakupenda in Kiswahili means “I love you,” and this lovely beach will surely make you feel warm inside and out.

Which part of Zanzibar has the best beaches?

The Zanzibar archipelago is a paradise hosting several beaches in almost all the parts of the Island. The Nungwi beach in the north is one of the breathtaking to be. Nungwi beach offers soft white sand to walk miles on, turquoise blue water, safe swimming, and breathtaking boat rides. The beach is the 3 rd. largest beach settlement of Zanzibar Archipelago, and is one of the 100 best beaches of the world voted by CNN.

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Kendwa Beach

The Best Place in ZANZIBAR! (KENDWA)

Kendwa beach is found in the northwest part of the Island, it is one of the dreamiest beaches of Zanzibar, Kendwa is just 3km away from the Nungwi beach. The beach is remarkably known as a perfect place for beach photography. While at Kwenda beach, you can explore Rock Beach Bars & Restaurant a famous spectacular spot for enjoying the sunset. Undoubtedly Zanzibar archipelago occupies the number one spot of watching the best sunsets of Africa with many points in Zanzibar which are the best places to witness a golden sunset.

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Chumbe Beach

Chumbe beach – the beach is a must-visit for snorkelers. The Chumbe Island is Zanzibar’s first marine sanctuary and is accessible only on a boat. A boat ride in the tranquil blue Indian Ocean waters is really awful. The experience at Chumbe Island is really typical African with eco-lodges that are run by locals.

Bawe Beach

Bawe beach – the small beach is just a few minute boat ride from the stone town. The tropical island is a private island that is breathtaking enough to make you fall in love with. Explore peace, tranquility in this lush paradise and create lasting travel memories.

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Changuu Beach

Changuu Beach

Changuu Beach

Changuu beach – the Changuu beach is surrounded by turquoise blue Indian Ocean waters, one of the iconic places found in Zanzibar. The Changuu beach is surrounded by coral reefs, the tropical vegetation, truly an amazing spot to be on the Island. A trip here allows you to explore the peaceful beach tranquility of this lush paradise. The other beaches in Zanzibar include the Matemwe beach in the north-east, Kiwengwa Beach and Pongwe beach in the east, Kizimkazi beach in the south, Bwejuu beach and Dongwe beach in the southeast, and Paje beach in the southeast.

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Is it safe to swim in Zanzibar?

In our opinion, Zanzibar is generally safe for swimming. It is generally very safe in Zanzibar. Despite the Sea urchins, wearing a pair of dive boots can have you protected. The only sharks you can possibly ever see in Zanzibar are small reef sharks (while diving) and they tend to avoid contact with humans on the whole.

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