Solo Travel in Africa (10 Top Destinations + Experiences)

So, you’re thinking of planning a once-in-a-lifetime solo travel in Africa? Congratulations! Traveling to Africa solo has got to be one of the most courageous trips you can take by yourself.

You probably have a ton of questions, and I intend to address most of them in this blog article. But before we get into the specifics, I should say that I have visited Africa alone much too often. Is the first time frightening? a tiny amount. But if I weren’t really madly in love with the continent, I wouldn’t keep running back there. So if you’re wondering where in Africa might be the ideal place to travel alone, keep reading. If I say I know firsthand, believe me!

My Solo Trip to South Africa

Best Solo Travel Safaris in Africa

Luxury Uganda Safari where you can witness wilderness. We take the guesswork out of planning your Luxury Uganda Safaris, ensuring that your journey supports wildlife conservation.

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Luxury Rwanda Safaris with Kabira Safaris include Luxury Gorilla Trekking Rwanda, Wildlife, Chimp trekking, Canopy Walk, Cultural, and Golden Monkey tracking.

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Luxury Kenya Safaris with Kabira Safaris and explore the true unchartered wilderness. Design a Luxury Kenya Safari Package to Fit Your Dreams & Budget.

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Luxury Tanzania Safari with Kabira Safaris. A Luxury Safari in Tanzania starts from $650 per day this Tanzania Safari Cost includes everything from the airport pickup

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Solo Travel in Africa FAQs

Who travels solo?

In the past, the concept of traveling alone might have evoked ideas of daring adventurers and the wildest among us. The situation has changed. Though all solo travelers—men and women—generally possess a healthy dose of self-assurance, they can range from those at the extremes of the introvert sociability spectrum—attracted to this type of travel because it allows them to be independent and spend time alone—to those who are regarded as adventurous extroverts and make friends everywhere they go. anything in between as well.

Is it safe to travel solo in Africa?

There are no concerns unique to solo travel in Africa, especially with pre-planned itineraries reserved through an operator, but tourists should always follow the standard common sense safety precautions like avoiding deserted places and never traveling alone at night in towns. Additionally, booking through a travel agency will reduce your vulnerability to con artists and provide you with advance notice of any potential health hazards, such as malaria, and instructions on how to avoid them.

What is a single supplement?

In most cases, the cost of a room is automatically split between two individuals. To cover the full cost of the lodging, the sole traveler must pay a single supplement. This can make traveling alone more expensive, in addition to the fact that the majority of activities and transfers are often paid as a minimum of two people.

How do I avoid single supplements?

The knowledgeable staff at Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa knows which hotels don’t charge single extras and when it’s ideal to visit to avoid the extra fees associated with solo travel. Additionally, we can help you arrange transports and light aircraft charters without charging a single premium.

Why should I use a travel company when booking my solo trip?

Our safaris are specialists in Africa, so they will know which lodges and camps, as well as which seasons, will be ideal for your solitary vacation to your preferred location.

They can take care of all the preparation for you, scheduling all of your lodging, activities, and transfers while making sure that you have support staff available at each stop. Additionally, they are available around the clock, ensuring that you will always have help available if you need it during your journey.

You Won’t Believe What Happened on our Tanzania Safari (Ngorongoro Crater)

Top solo travel destinations in Africa


The Great Wildebeest Migration and other renowned animal attractions can be found in Tanzania, which is known as a wildlife destination. It is a popular choice for a solo safari journey because of its welcoming, accommodating, and courteous residents and its extraordinarily warm hospitality. First-time visitors and solo travelers can always count on knowledgeable guides to extol the wonders of the Serengeti, including up-close encounters with the Big Five and the splendor of this Eden-like East African wilderness.

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Because of its kind, welcoming locals, breathtaking scenery, and variety of other attractions, Rwanda is regarded as one of the best vacation destinations for lone travelers. The gorilla trekking experience, a life-altering activity that also helps to protect the local mountain gorillas, is unquestionably one of the most famous encounters. It is regarded as a safari that benefits both you and the nation’s most priceless natural resource, one that will make a lasting impression on both of you.

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Compared to other African nations, Kenya offers a variety of culture, adventures, and dramatic wildlife experiences. Solo visitors will enjoy a safari in Kenya’s renowned Masai Mara National Region, which is home to the Great Wildebeest Migration on occasion. The reserve is filled with tiny safari camps and lodges that provide secluded guided activities. Kenyans are incredibly kind and welcoming, and the country’s tourism infrastructure is well-established, facilitating smooth travel within it.

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With a wide variety of welcoming, welcoming camps dispersed throughout the varied terrain, from the desert to the savannah and the well-known Okavango Delta – one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders – Botswana is a terrific nation to see alone. Travel is smooth and trustworthy because of the safe environment, friendly locals, and highly organized internal logistics of the nation. Botswana boasts some of the most consistent reports of elephant, lion, and wild dog sightings in Africa. It is also home to an astonishing wealth of wildlife.

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