2023-2024 TOP African Family Safari Destinations & Packages

2023-2024 TOP African Family Safari Destinations & Packages · Tanzania Family Safari Destinations with Kids ·Kenya Family Safari Destinations ·Rwanda Family Safari Destinations · Uganda Family Safari Destinations.

Safari Adventures in Africa with Kids (you won’t believe what we saw!)

Tanzania Family Safari Holidays & Vacations with Kids

A family safari to Tanzania is a wonderful choice that offers a great opportunity for children for opening up their minds to the new world. A family safari to Tanzania offers a variety of adventure to the youngsters, with the country famously known for the lion prides in the Serengeti, the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, with the friendly natives who are welcoming, a family with a good sense of adventure will have a great time in Tanzania.

A family safari holiday in Tanzania has a wide range of activity highlights which include; spotting the Big Five on a safari drive, trying out your hand at traditional fishing, meeting the Maasai, snorkeling in the warm Indian Ocean, and many more activities such as beach volleyball on Zanzibar that will offer great fun to the youngsters makes Tanzania a top destination for a family safari.

Tanzania family holiday
Tanzania family vacation

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Best Kenya Family Safari Holidays

Kenya is a perfect destination for a family safari holiday, the country for years has been ranking as the finest destination for most travelers. The safety of the country in recent years has manifested its ranking as one of the finest family destinations in Africa. The all-year good weather conditions, abundant wildlife, the family-friendly beaches, and the country’s vast experience in catering towards the needs of families with youngsters further boost the country as a fine destination for family safari holidays.

A family safari holiday to Kenya creates unforgettable memories that can’t be found anywhere else, with the country having a lot to offer to the visitors. The real feel of Africa can be experienced with travel to Kenya, forgetting the rest of the world, Africa offers the real experience of the wilderness where the youngsters can have great opportunity to unleash their imagination and explore the real world. Driving almost within arm’s reach of elephants, lions, and the cheetah is an experience that will last in your child’s memories forever and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Kenya family safari
Kenya family safaris

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Rwanda Family Safari Holidays & Vacations

A family safari to Rwanda is a wise and wonderful choice on an East African family safari. Rwanda is a small country relatively smaller than Scotland, however beaming with all nature’s beauty, culture has wonderfully hospitable people and has a wide range of wildlife which includes the most endangered primate species; the mountain gorillas where you and your family will have a great time during the gorilla trekking. Rwanda is situated in East-Central Africa and is remarkably one of the growing destinations, famously known for its historical sad stories and home to the most endangered primate species, the Mountain Gorillas.

Family Safari in Rwanda
Family Safari Holidays in Rwanda

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Uganda Family Safaris with Kids

Kids Friendly Safaris in Uganda at Affordable Luxury Price. Kabira Safaris offers expert baby child care, and Kids Safaris in Uganda; Game Drives, Boat cruises, Nature walks, Art and animal drawing competitions, fishing, story-telling by different local tribal elders, and Cultural Tours. Kabira Safaris offers expert baby child care, and Kids Friendly safaris in Uganda so you can do wildlife safari activities like game drives in the Uganda Safari Parks or a launch and boat cruise along the lakes and beautiful rivers, especially the river Nile. Have lunch and dinner in an ambient environment with comfort and peace of mind.

Kids Cycling in Lake Mburo National Park
Uganda family safari

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