Outstanding African Safari Guides

So, what does it take to be a successful safari guide? First and foremost is safety, especially on walking safaris, which necessitate a level head, respect for dangerous animals, and a solid understanding of animal behavior. A smart safari guide can read situations, comprehend animal behavior, and respond quickly to prevent placing his customers in danger.

Second, one must be able to read and understand the natural world; someone who can read animal footprints while others read a newspaper, identify every bird call and be an inspirational source of knowledge on everything living above and below ground. Personality is also crucial; he or she will be the ideal host, a natural raconteur with an endless supply of anecdotes to keep customers engaged around the campfire.

Arshley Brian – Our African Safari Guide

Arshley Brian Biography -Senior Birding, Wildlife & a Botanist African Guide:

Arshley is a friendly young man born and raised in Uganda’s most visited National park (Queen Elizabeth National Park). where his father worked as an interpretive guide. Arshley’s interest in wildlife started when he was just 7 years old as he enjoyed watching wild animals that always roamed around his family home. Learn More

What do Clients Say about him?

Arshley Brian - Kabira Safaris Lead Guide
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