Booking African Safari in 5 Easy Steps + First Time Guide

It is quite thrilling to plan your safari vacation in Africa. There is a wide variety of breathtaking scenery to take in, from beaches to rainforests, mountains to deserts, and a plethora of natural wonders to witness. Guests can also enjoy staying in beautiful tented camps and lodges.

Our safari planning experience dates back to 2016. In order to make our clients’ African safari fantasies a reality and their holiday one they will never forget, we take great pride in tailoring our recommendations to each individual’s preferences in terms of hotels, activities, and locations.

Feefo is an impartial and verifiable review system where clients submit honest feedback. We are pleased of our practically 100% rating because of our exceptional service. Take a look at their thoughts over here.

In order to make the process of organising an African safari as easy as possible, here are some pointers from our experts:

Want to Book an African Safari? Here’s Where to Start.

1. Know When You Want To Go

When it comes to Africa, time is crucial. The best safaris on the continent are highly dependent on things like seasonal rainfall and other natural phenomena. You wouldn’t want to be in the Serengeti when the Masai Mara’s millions of wildebeest are already grazing on new grass, so knowing when you’d like to travel makes a huge difference to your schedule.

Before you start making plans, you should have a good idea of how long you intend to spend in Africa and what season it is. This will have a significant effect on your spending and the sights and experiences you have. If your safari objective is time-sensitive, you should know the optimum dates to go as soon as possible because the most popular spots tend to fill up quickly.

Peak or High Season Low or Green Season
About June to October About November to May
Highest rates Lowest rates (except Christmas and New Year)
Book up to 12 months in advance Aim to book 2-6 months in advance
Coolest and driest weather Warmest and wettest weather
Easiest to find and see animals More challenging but rewarding to find and see animals
Most visitors Fewest visitors
Thinnest vegetation and fewest water sources Lushest vegetation and most water
Most dust, least mud Least dust, most mud

2. Know Where You Want To Go

Establishing a clear objective for your trip is the first step. Perhaps meeting wild gorillas, Victoria Falls at flood stage, or the Big Five has been a lifelong fantasy of yours. Imagine a safari in your wildest dreams. What creatures or experiences would make it complete? If you want to know where you should go on vacation, the answer will probably tell you.

Ask your travel consultant:

  • Where might I have the greatest chance of seeing the animal that interests you the most?
  • Tell me where you can have the most fun doing the things that you’re passionate about.

You can find out which sights and activities are a good fit for your trip after you have a general idea of when you want to go and where you want to stay. This is why we put together and share vacation packages and itinerary suggestions. For a ballpark figure of what it will cost per person and to see which destinations and activities work well together logistically, peruse our safaris. As you plan your safari, you’ll probably add more destinations and activities to your bucket list, which our Africa Safari Experts can then transform into your ideal vacation schedule.

We will do our best to accommodate your specific travel needs and preferences as part of our service. Whether you’re travelling with small children, older parents, a wheelchair, special dietary needs (vegan, kosher, halal), or just prefer staying in private households than hotels, we can create a personalised itinerary just for you.

We suggest doing some reading up on your hobbies if you haven’t already done so in order to come up with a clear safari objective. Sign up for our weekly newsletter here for a great source of inspiration and insight.

Another option is to speak with one of our Africa Safari Experts about your typical vacation activities and preferences.

3. Have A Budget Estimate

A vacation to Africa on a safari will not be cheap. Safaris in Africa need a lot of planning, despite the variety of itineraries and travel options that visitors can choose from. Remember that safari lodges in faraway places have a considerably higher price tag than their urban counterparts since they are required to provide superior service, cuisine, and lodging.

Our Africa Safari Experts Say…
We recommend that clients inform their agents as soon as possible of a budget range within which they are comfortable working. You will reach your ideal itinerary much faster and the consultation process will go much more smoothly if you do this. It’s natural to be nervous or overwhelmed when discussing or thinking about how much money you’re willing to spend on your vacation. However, for a professional and ethical travel agency like Kabira Safaris and The Bespoke African Safari Co, knowing your budget has a huge impact on the trip’s planning and what’s possible. Author: Jacqueline

4. Know Your Travel Style

How you choose to travel depends on your own preferences, the people you’re planning to go with, how much money you have, and how much time you have to spend on vacation. Choose the most cost-effective choices if your funds are tight. You should seek out the most effective travel arrangements if your time is short.

Which One Of These Travel Types Do You Prefer?

Tailor-made Trips:

As an added bonus to booking with Kabira Safaris, our tailoring service is free of charge. If you want the most out of your time and money on an African safari, our experts will help you choose the finest lodgings, activities, and locations based on your tastes, budget, and list of must-see attractions.

Set Departures Dates:

Maybe you’re thinking about taking a family vacation or organising a romantic honeymoon. Please consult your Africa Safari Expert regarding the possibility of a fully private experience, including a personal guide, an exclusive-use safari vehicle, and private helicopter transfers, if you would like these amenities.

5. Choose An Established Travel Agent

Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a travel agency that will enhance your African safari:

  • Independent travel knowledge of the nations you choose to visit.
  • Your representative should not have any financial ties to any particular lodge, safari activity provider, or marketing firm, so they can give you objective advise.
  • Your travel investment is safeguarded financially with the essential supplier insurance.
  • Working with a full-service partner, an agency who handles all aspects of your trip from booking flights and activities to arranging lodging and transportation, is ideal.
  • One major perk of working with a reputable African agent is the round-the-clock assistance they provide while you’re on safari.
  • Recent evaluations posted on third-party websites such as Trustpilot and TripAdvisor.

An excellent travel agent will listen carefully to your needs, answer all of your questions, and provide you with accurate, current information. Whether you’re looking to save money or treat yourself, the top travel agents can help you design a vacation that will be the talk of town.

Ready To Go?

Your personal Africa Safari Expert has been assigned to you once you have defined your travel objective, expanded your vacation wish list, determined your financial range, and chosen your ideal dates. A once-in-a-lifetime vacation is almost here…

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