Gay Travel in Africa: Top Gay-Friendly Destinations & Tours

Gay Travel in Africa, LGBTQ+ Travel, Lesbian Travel, Gay Group Tours, Top Gay-Friendly Destinations, Safaris, Safety Tips, and FAQs.

You’ve undoubtedly arrived at the ideal location if you’re looking for gay travel safari tours. Our award-winning Africa Safari Experts have been planning custom African safaris since 2018, and we’re listed on Condé Nast Traveler’s list of LGBTQ+ travel authorities. We know Africa inside and out. We will always provide you honest advice based only on our own personal experience, with safety coming in second only to having a great time.

We are aware that there is still some uncertainty regarding the safety of the LGBTQ+ community in Africa. The majority of Africa’s safari locations are secure, despite the fact that there is still much to be done in terms of legislation and the battle for equal rights. Here are our top six picks for LGBT-friendly nations in Africa where you can fulfill your safari fantasies.

Ready to Start Planning Your Gay Travel in African? Chat with someone who’s been there. Get in touch with one of our Gay Africa Safari Experts to help tailor-make a safari that’s right for you:- PLAN NOW

Gay-Friendly Travel in Africa

  1. Kenya
  2. Tanzania
  3. Rwanda
  4. South Africa
  5. Botswana
  6. Namibia


Gay Travel Guide: Nairobi (Mombasa), Kenya

Legislation: Since 2010, the constitution has prohibited same-sex relationships, which are not recognized in Kenya. Additionally, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is not expressly protected. Nevertheless, despite the conservative sentiments, many LGBTQ+ visitors to Kenya do so safely and thoroughly while being aware to avoid making public displays of affection in cities, towns, and tribal villages.

Kenya isn’t known as a popular destination for gay African safari tours – quite the opposite, in fact – but this East African country still has to make changes to its discriminatory laws. But you may visit the oldest safari location in the world if you’re ready to set aside unfavorable regulations and public perceptions. Aside from that, Kenya is one of just two nations where you may see the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Here, safari bucket list items like visiting the Indian Ocean’s sun-kissed beaches and Mount Kenya’s snow-capped peaks as well as an actual “Out of Africa” safari are eagerly crossed off. It is known as the “country of opposites,” and it is home to deserts, lakes, woods, mountains, and golden plains. Authentic Maasai villages offer intriguing cultural experiences, and you can easily combine a safari with gorilla trekking.

Is Kenya safe to visit? (is Kenya safe for American tourists) Well, we would never send our clients to places we wouldn’t visit ourselves with our own families.

Hot Air Balloon Ride, guaranteed adventure in Kenya. Masai Mara hot air balloon safari is a wonderful way to explore the country’s wilderness.

Best Kenya Safari Tours. Incredibly beautiful natural scenery, poignant cultural contacts, exceptional wildlife watching, and, of course, the thrills and spills of the Wildebeest Migration.

Ready to Start Planning Your Gay African Safari? Chat with someone who’s been there. Get in touch with one of our Gay Kenya Safari Experts to help tailor-make a safari that’s right for you:- PLAN NOW


Lesbians Travel World: Hakuna Matata (?) in Tanzania; Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and more

Legislation: Tanzania, like Kenya, does not recognize and is against same-sex relationships. Additionally, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is not expressly protected.

While Tanzania’s legislative system might use some improvement, residents and the tourism industry are more accommodating, and if you use prudence, your trip to Tanzania can be secure and enjoyable. Many of our clients have visited Tanzania without incident.

Tanzania is a tribute to the power of nature, whether you want to climb Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, float over the Serengeti plains in a hot air balloon, see the Ngorongoro Crater, or scuba dive the coral reefs of Zanzibar. A safari in Tanzania offers enormous experiences and is the location of the Great Migration‘s main circular route.

The best Serengeti Safari Packages with Prices are offered by Kabira Safaris. Enjoy the affordable Serengeti Safari in Tanzania. On your Serengeti Safaris.

The Complete Guide on how to plan and book a Wildebeest Migration Safari in Masai Mara and Serengeti. The wildebeest migration Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Climbing, Hiking, and trekking tours – Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest on the African continent. For many visitors to Africa, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Ready to Start Planning Your Gay African Safari? Chat with someone who’s been there. Get in touch with one of our Gay Tanzania Safari Experts to help tailor-make a safari that’s right for you:- PLAN NOW


Exclusive: Ellen’s Summer Trip to Rwanda

Legislation: Rwanda has never had any legislation prohibiting same-sex relationships, but there are also no legal safeguards for gender identity, and same-sex unions are still prohibited under the constitution.

With the launch of the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, celebrity, and member of the LGBTQ+ community Ellen DeGeneres brought attention to this African location as well as her dedication to conservation work. It is one of the safest nations for LGBTQ+ tourists who want to embark on a transformative gorilla safari and actively support the protection of critically endangered mountain gorillas.

Amid Rwanda, you can go gorilla trekking in ethereally misted lush jungles, an experience that most people can only dream about. As well as interactions with the cheeky Sykes monkey and the raucous chimpanzee, up-close encounters with the rarest animals on Earth are awe-inspiring and soul-stirring.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda is a Lifetime Experience – Africa’s Most Accessible Gorilla Trekking. Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Best Gorilla Trekking Tours in Volcanoes National Park.

The Tailor-Made Luxury Rwanda Safari Tours with Kabira Safaris. A Luxury Rwanda safari is quite different from most classic African safari holidays.

Is Rwanda a safe country? Here are 10 pieces of safe travel advice for Rwanda, whether you’re visiting the gorillas or experiencing the local culture.

Ready to Start Planning Your Gay African Safari? Chat with someone who’s been there. Get in touch with one of our Gay Kenya Safari Experts to help tailor-make a safari that’s right for you:- PLAN NOW

FAQs & Safety Tips for LGBTQ Travellers to Africa

An important part of the global tourism market is the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer collective. Up to 2020, LGBTQ travelers from the US spent $63.1 billion yearly on vacations. An further factor in the revival of international tourism was the participation of LGBTQ visitors. Gay people love to travel, but they have to put in a lot of time and effort to make sure they can do it safely and comfortably.

The number of nations with anti-gay legislation remains at 64 as of this writing. The good news is that there is hope, particularly in Africa. Acceptance of LGBTQ persons and decriminalization of same-sex partnerships are becoming global trends, and Africa is gradually joining this movement. Whether you’re traveling with a group, a family, or a solo traveler, there are many places in Africa that welcome LGBTQ people and their allies on safari.

Having an Africa Safari Expert at your side from the very first moment of planning your trip until the very last minute, someone with direct expertise in designing customized itineraries for LGBTQ travelers to the continent, makes the entire process much more manageable and enjoyable.

In order to make sure that LGBTQ travelers to Africa have an amazing time on safari, we have compiled the following travel advice:

Is Africa Safe for Gay Travellers

Even though only 23 of 55 recognized states have legalized same-sex relationships, LGBTQ travelers can be certain that safari sites in Africa are completely secure. Whether you’re in conservative Uganda or progressive South Africa, our African Safari Experts will always keep you secure. The lodges, camps, and resorts where you’ll be staying are run by warm and welcoming people who treat all guests with the same respect and kindness, regardless of their background.

There will always be a small minority in Africa who reject or misunderstand LGBTQ people, just as there are in any part of the globe. However, a safari is no different from any other kind of holiday in terms of security and comfort.

Is Africa Safe for Trans and Non-Binary Travellers

Absolutely! Trans and non-binary people can feel quite safe traveling throughout Africa, particularly to South Africa, which boasts one of the world’s most progressive constitutions.

People who identify as transgender or non-binary continue to face significant prejudice and harassment, despite the fact that LGB people are finding greater acceptance in many nations throughout the world. If you don’t identify as cisgender, traveling might be scary, particularly if the places you want to visit don’t accept homosexuality just yet.

Safaris in Southern and East Africa may be just as enjoyable and safe for trans and non-binary people, so there’s no need to cancel your African vacation plans just yet. Your African safari expert will design a personalized schedule based on your specific needs and will never intentionally put you in harm’s way.

Is Africa Safe for Women

Women on safari in Southern or Eastern Africa are totally safe. Harassment, sexism, misogyny, and unwelcome sexual advances are commonplace because women are stereotyped as weaker and more susceptible to such treatment. While we would want to tell you that this kind of abuse of women is completely nonexistent in Africa, the truth is that it is a problem everywhere.

Certainly, it is highly improbable to occur during a safari. No matter if you’re a couple, a group of friends, or a lone traveler experiencing Africa Eat, Pray, Love-style, you can be confident that every member of staff, from the concierge to your guide and tracker, will ensure your safety and treat you with the highest respect. A number of the lodges and campgrounds are also located in rural areas, far from any large cities, which helps to make the area a safer place to stay.

LGBTQ Travel Advice for Safaris in Africa

Travelers who identify as LGBTQ should be aware of the following safety tips before visiting Africa:

  • Before you plan your trip, it’s a good idea to learn as much as can about the local LGBTQ regulations in the country you’re considering visiting.
  • Travelers to Africa should be aware that they are subject to the local laws and customs wherever they go.
  • In nations where there are anti-gay laws and bad public sentiments, it’s important to exercise caution when using social media, dating apps, and going to LGBTQ hangouts.
  • It is recommended that couples, regardless of sexual orientation, refrain from public shows of affection around locals in Africa due to the generally conservative nature of the society.
  • If you need to bring medication on your trip, put all of your prescription bottles in one bag. Remember to always keep your drugs in their original containers and have a certificate from your doctor confirming medical authorization on hand.
  • Verify with the government of the nation you intend to visit whether it permits the use of any medications you intend to bring along. Possession of any prohibited medication will result in your detention.
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