Burundi Safaris: Best Tours Packages & Burundi Safari Cost

Welcome to Burundi safaris: The Burundi Safaris: Best Tours Packages & Burundi Safari Cost and travel guide, things to do, where to stay, tourist attractions and more.

On Burundi safari, there is something inexplicably enchanting about staying in a tent. In lieu of being encased in brick and glass, you can bask in the glow of lanterns on canvas walls and drift off to slumber to the sounds of the unspoiled nature that surrounds you. And if you believe that remaining in a tent requires roughing it in a brightly colored polyester “dome,” you are in for a pleasant surprise. Africa’s finest tented camps offer a softer type of adventure with all the creature comforts and accoutrements one would expect from a luxury safari retreat.

VISIT BURUNDI | Discover the magic of the heart of Africa

Why Visit Burundi

Explore Burundi’s four faces! Explore the peaks of our hills, the rain forests, the lakes, and the coastlines, all while soaking up the sun. This is the ideal location for an unforgettable vacation! The temperatures range from 28°C/82°F on the pristine sides of Lake Tanganyika in the lowlands of Bujumbura to 20°C/68°F in the central plateau region, which is only one hour away. The typical temperature in the highest mountain regions is 16°C/60°F.

The Burundian drummers known as Abatimbo in Kirundi perform their sacred drums, which are an integral part of the rich cultural traditions of Burundi.

In addition, they have graceful female dancers. Appreciate the creativity of the artisans in ancient crafts such as painting, basketry, sculpture, and pottery, and carry on and tell the story of Burundian customs and culture that has been handed down through generations.

In addition, you will enjoy the variety of our cuisine, whose signature dish is the distinctive flavor of mukeke, a unique fish found only in Lake Tanganyika. Because Bujumbura is a city with numerous cultures that brings together people from rural Burundi, nearby countries, and further afield, this city takes pride in offering a cuisine that is influenced by all of these diverse peoples and cultures. In fact, there is much to see, do, and appreciate during your stay in Burundi!

Our Top Burundi Tour Packages

6 Days Burundi And Rwanda Safari

The Perfect Burundi And Rwanda Safari Itinerary + Map & Tips. This 6 Day Burundi and Rwanda safari allows you to explore the finest of the wildlife in Rwanda and Burundi, as well as the distinctive cultures of these two countries.

7 Days in Burundi

7 Days in Burundi Itinerary: How to best Spend a Week in Burundi After a wildlife safari in Rwanda and Uganda, visitors can unwind with a 7-day cultural, historical, and sightseeing tour in Burundi. Custom itineraries and additions, such as visits to Rwanda and Uganda, are available upon request.

Why take a safari in Burundi?

The numerous Game Parks and Nature Reserves in Burundi safeguard a wide variety of animals. From the magnificent ‘Big Five’ to reptiles, warthogs, and antelopes. Burundi is home to numerous varieties of African wildlife. In Burundi, the emphasis is on providing visitors with a much more intimate wildlife experience in areas of natural grandeur, as well as allowing them to explore on their own terms.

This is not a site for large-scale tourism and car caravans, but rather walks to explore the bush and track rare species such as black and white rhinos. In addition to traditional four-wheel-drive and walking excursions, certain Burundi reserves can also be explored by mountain bike or horseback. In many reserves, visitors are permitted to roam independently, without a guide or even a ranger. Self-catering accommodations are also available, allowing you to run your own “safari lodge” in the wilderness. There are not many places on earth where you can go on a private bike ride and see zebras and bushbucks, or walk to see giraffes before savoring a private bush barbecue.

How much does a Burundi Safari cost?

A one-day tour of Rusizi National Park that includes a vehicle and driver, a guide, park entrance fees, and refreshments costs USD 400 per person, or USD 315 per person for two people.

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