Rwanda Wildlife Safaris

Rwanda Wildlife Safaris and tours

The Ultimate Experience – Rwanda Wildlife tours

Wildlife safaris in Rwanda (Wildlife tours in Rwanda) – are one of the key attractions in the country with several big cats and wild species.

Though Rwanda tours may not seem the classic African wildlife safari destination, in the east of the country is the scenic Akagera National Park that is worth exploring.

Akagera National Park is surrounded by savannah plains, rolling hills and deep valleys in the north, papyrus swamps and lakes to the east.

Akagera National Park is home to savannah wildlife species like giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras and many more. Rwanda is also home to several wildlife species including thirteen primates including chimpanzees, monkeys, and the Ruwenzori colobus arboreal colobus which move in groups of up to 400 individuals. This is the largest population troop size of primates you can sight in Africa. 

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