Extraordinary Guide to Akagera National Park, Facts, Entrance Fees & Reviews

Akagera National Park Facts, Trips, Entrance Fees, Reviews – The definitive guide to Akagera National Park contains everything you need to know about the lovely Akagera National Park in Rwanda and Safaris. Akagera National Park Tour This magnificent Akagera Park is everything you need to know about Rwanda. Here you will find the most up-to-date information on the park’s attractions, activities, best times to visit, location, and lodging options.

Akagera National Park is located in eastern Rwanda, close to the Tanzanian border. Activities in Akagera National Park, Weather, Game Drives, and Camping. Our informative guide to Akagera National Park will teach you everything you need to know about this lovely park. Here you will find the most up-to-date information on the park’s attractions, activities, best times to visit, location, and lodging options.

Akagera National Park Safari | Rwanda | A Beautiful Story

Akagera National Park is a protected region in eastern Rwanda that spans 1,122 square kilometers (433 square miles) near the country’s border with Tanzania. It was established in 1934 and has savannah, montane, and swamp ecosystems. The park takes its name from the Kagera River, which flows along its eastern edge and feeds Lake Ihema and numerous smaller lakes. Over a third of the park is made up of a complex system of lakes and linked papyrus swamps, making it the biggest protected wetland in Eastern-Central Africa.

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Our Best Akagera National Park Safari Packages

Rhino tracking in Akagera National Park Rwanda

3 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari
The three-day Akagera National Park wildlife safari provides the finest animal watching in Rwanda’s only savannah park, with the option of game drives. Akagera Park, located in the east of Rwanda, is the only savannah park in Rwanda where you may go on a game drive.

Zebras in Akagera National Park Rwanda

4 Days Akagera National Park Safari
The ideal trip for wildlife game drives in Akagera Park, Rwanda’s only savannah park, is a four-day Akagera Park wildlife safari. Akagera Park, located east of Rwanda, is the only savannah park with game drives for animal watching.

Golden Monkey trekking in Volcanoes National Park

5 Days Rwanda Safari
5 Days Safari in Rwanda The monkey tracking and gorilla trekking tour takes you to Rwanda’s top primate habitats. This 5-day Rwanda safari takes you to Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking and Nyungwe Forest National Park for chimp tracking.

Wildlife viewing in Akagera National Park Rwanda

A Day Trip to Akagera National Park
1 Day Akagera National Park is a one-day wildlife excursion to Rwanda’s Akagera Park. The Park is home to the big five African games and is the greatest place in Rwanda for a one-day excursion for wildlife watching in the picturesque wilderness. Rwanda does not have many wildlife parks.

Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park

7 Days in Rwanda Itinerary
7 Days Rwanda Safari, Primates and Wildlife Tour is thorough wildlife, Gorilla trekking, and chimp tracking safari program.

Eastern rhino in Akagera National Park Rwanda Wildlife viewing

6 Days in Rwanda Itinerary
The 6-day Rwanda Wildlife and Gorilla Safari include game drives in Akagera Park as well as gorilla trekking.

Nyungwe national Park Rwanda

8 Days in Rwanda Itinerary
This 8-day Rwanda Safari provides the greatest eight days in Rwanda, including gorilla trekking, chimp tracking, and a wildlife tour.

nyungwe Park canopy walk

8 Days Rwanda Itinerary
9 Days Rwanda Safari provides Rwanda’s top gorilla trekking, chimp tracking, and wildlife tours. Nyungwe Forest National Park trip in Rwanda for 9 days.

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The history of the Akagera National Park

The 1994 genocide had devastating effects on the entire country, including Akagera National Park and its wildlife population. Many Rwandans moved back to the country when the genocide ended, but there was just not enough space for everyone. As a result, animals in Akagera National Park were displaced and some were even killed.

Realizing that many of the park’s animals were disappearing, the government partitioned the park in 1997, setting aside a portion of the land (approximately 1200 square kilometers) to care for the animals and the other portion for the refugees who had returned to the country. But even after the division, some residents continued to hunt the animals, which prompted the Rwanda development board to create the electric perimeter wall in 2010. With the wall in place, the animals once again had protection, and the National Park flourished.

After being nearly eradicated by poaching, Akagera National Park’s animal population has just recovered. Security guards and other law enforcement personnel helped end poaching in the National Park, and the reintroduction of wildlife helped establish the park as a popular tourist attraction.

The lion population had dwindled to extinction by the 1990s, but in 2015 it was reintroduced with the help of two females relocated from South Africa.
After the successful reintroduction of around 18 rhinos in 2017, an additional five black rhinos were put into the Akagera in 2019.
Despite its tragic past, Akagera National Park is currently home to over 7,000 animals and around 500 bird species, all of which can be viewed year-round. The Akagera National Park is not only home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, but also offers a striking terrain that is well worth exploring.

Akagera National Park Cost

Costs for renting a car to drive to the Akagera range between $175 and $275. Tour guides are not too expensive, charging an average of $25 USD per day (more for longer trips) if booked in advance. The entrance price to Akagera Park is $40 USD, with the remainder of your trip costs depending on the lodging option you select.

Boat cruises that last the full day, game drives, birding, nature walks, and cultural tours are just a few of the many things to do in the Akagera. If you plan ahead of time, you can easily arrange all of these activities, allowing you to experience the park’s best features.

Activities in Akagera National Park

Camping in Akagera National Park

Camping at Akagera National Park

Camping is a popular pastime in Akagera National Park because of the park’s relatively flat terrain, which makes setting up camp a breeze. Akagera National Park is home to three major camping areas where visitors can pitch a tent for the night: Mutumba, Shakani, and Muyumbu. Tourists can get a view of the various ecosystems and fauna in the Park thanks to these, which can be located throughout the park. Tent rentals are available at the park’s front desk whenever you need them, and whichever campsite you choose will supply the firewood you’ll need to be toasty at night.

Cultural tours outside the Akagera National Park

Visitors to the community on the opposite side of the wall’s power grid will find the friendly inhabitants there both amusing and informative about their way of life. Meeting and mingling with locals, sampling traditional fare, milking cows, singing and dancing, and other fun activities are all possible under the watchful eye of a tour guide. The cultural excursion to the rural area will take roughly three hours.

A Boat trip in Akagera National Park

In addition to the wildlife that calls Akagera National Park home, visitors can also enjoy boating on the park’s many lakes, which also serve as important bird-breeding grounds. Ihema Lake is a popular spot for boat tours and home to a wide variety of aquatic wildlife including hippos, crocodiles, and fish. Morning and evening boat cruises are available for around 180 US dollars per trip (the exact price may vary slightly by season) and accommodate a maximum of 11 passengers.

How To Get To Akagera National Park

The Akagera National Park is conveniently located close to the country’s primary entry point, the Kigali International Airport (110 km). Beginning your trip to Akagera National Park at Kigali International Airport, you’ll want to equip your vehicle with four-wheel drive because the gravel roads leading to and within the park are not simple to navigate.

Accommodation in the Akagera National Park

Some of the greatest places to stay near Akagera National Park are: The Dereva hotel, The Akagera Game lodge, The Magashi Lodge, The Karenge Bush camp

Best Time to Visit Akagera National Park

Akagera may be visited at any time of year. The dry season (June to September) is the best time to visit the park to observe animals. Because the jungle thins out and wildlife congregates near the lakes, it is easier to detect animals.

Best Time

From June through September (It is dry and wildlife is easier to spot)

High Season

June to September (Akagera is busiest at weekends)

Low Season

March, April, October, and November (These are the peaks of the rains)

Best Weather

June to August (Least rain)

Worst Weather

March and April (Most rain)

June to September –Dry Season

  • Best time of year for spotting wildlife
  • Skies are bright, with almost no rain
  • Malaria risk subsides as there are fewer mosquitoes
  • Conditions are dry and dusty, and the sky can be hazy

October to May –Wet Season

  • The scenery is green and lush
  • There are more birds around
  • Rain can sometimes interfere with activities
  • Wildlife viewing is not as good as during the Dry season

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What you need to know before going to the Akagera National Park

If you want to make the most of your time in the national park, there are a few things you should bring with you.

Renting a car:

You can go hiking in the National Park, but you’ll need a car because the park is so large. Due to the dirt roads within the Park, and especially during the wet season when the roads are still muddy, a four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended.

Hiring a tour guide:

While some visitors may choose to go out on their own when exploring the Park, a guided tour is the best way to see everything the Park has to offer. The going rate for an Akagera tour guide is between $25 and $40 USD each day, with the latter being the norm for longer excursions.

Health needs:

Akagera National Park, being a rainforest, naturally has many insects that could be harmful to your health; therefore, it is recommended that you get vaccinated against things like yellow fever and keep an eye out for tsetse flies before you enter the Park.

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