Mount Bisoke: Height, Hiking, Permit Cost, Trails & Facts

Mount Bisoke Facts, Height, Hiking Bisoke, Permit Cost, and Mount Bisoke Trails; How to Prepare Yourself for the Mount Bisoke Hike in Rwanda. Mt Bisoke stands at 3700m, it has the typical conic shape of a “perfect” volcano and in its crater lies a deep crater lake.

Mount Bisoke is not a very difficult climb, but it is nevertheless a challenging hike for those who are interested in climbing it. Because of the high altitude, climbers must exert extra effort, and depending on how quickly they walk and how often they rest, the entire journey can last anything from five hours to a full day. Usually, the ascent takes three hours.

Hiking Rwanda 🇷🇼 Mount Bisoke ⛰🌍

You will pass through a variety of flora environments as you ascend, starting with bamboo woods, continuing into the Hagenia-Hypericum forest, and concluding with Senecio-Lobelia bushes close to the summit.

As you ascend, you will pass through a variety of flora environments, starting with bamboo woods, continuing through a forest of Hagenia and Hypericum, and concluding with Senecio and Lobelia bushes close to the summit.

Important Information About Mount Bisoke Hike

There is no need to make a reservation in advance; the current park charge for the climb is USD$75 per person, which includes the park guide. The fee can be paid at the park’s headquarters on the day of the hike. The trip begins at 7:00 am at the Kinigi park headquarters, where tourists will be taken or driven to the hike’s starting point. Additionally, porters can be hired at the park’s main office.

How to Prepare for the Mount Bisoke Hike

Hiking VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK in Rwanda: Mount Bisoke

What to Wear

  • A waterproof shell. It keeps you dry and protects you from scratches without being too warm.
  • Durable shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. We wore our regular runners. It was so muddy that nothing short of crampons would’ve made a difference.
  • A packable puffy jacket. Kim put hers on at the top and wore it all the way back down.
  • Pants or shorts. Our guide told us to wear pants, but I would’ve been fine in shorts. The trail’s mostly wide enough to avoid the stinging nettle. Kim wore her favorite Lululemon leggings.

What to Bring

  • Gloves. Our hands got so cold at the top that it was hard to take photos.
  • A water bottle. 750ml each was enough for Kim and me because it wasn’t hot but we had more than double that, just in case.
  • Fresh shoes or sandals to put on after the hike.
  • Snacks or lunch. Unless you’re fasting (like Chris did) or your group is super fast.
  • Wool socks. Kim and other guys in our group suffered from cold feet.
  • Your passport or driver’s license. If you don’t register online in advance, you will need a photocopy of your driver’s license or passport to make a photocopy with the machine there (free) and give it to the registration guy.
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