How Long Does It Take to Travel to Africa From the US: The Cheat Sheet

The length of the flight and whether or not recovery time is needed upon arrival are common questions among many people from California or New York who are contemplating an African safari. We work hard to make sure your safari is unforgettable, but we can’t control things like flight duration or jet lag. However, we are here to help you get ready for the trip and enjoy every second of it.

What to expect on a flight from USA to Johannesburg, South Africa

How long is the flight to Africa

Traveling from the United States to Africa is usually a multi-hour or even multi-day ordeal. Flight times might be anywhere from fifteen to twenty-one hours long, depending on where you’re taking off.

Flights from either Atlanta or New York to Johannesburg take about 15 hours if you’re looking for direct options.

The flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Europe takes about 11 hours if you choose to connect through Europe.

The next trip, to Johannesburg, takes an extra 10–11 hours.

Based on your choices, airline connections, and the potential of utilizing airline miles or award points, we typically offer alternate flight paths.

A Quick Flight Cheat Sheet

  • LAX (Los Angeles, California) to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Kenya) = 21 hours
  • JFK (New York, New York) to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Kenya) = 13hrs 30min
  • LAX to Cape Town (South Africa) = 21hrs 40min
  • ATL (Atlanta, Georgia) to Cape Town (South Africa) = 14hrs 45min
  • ATL to Johannesburg (South Africa) = 15hrs 30minUS/

US/East Coast airports, direct to South Africa

  • ATL (Atlanta, Georgia) to Cape Town = 14hrs 45min
  • IAD (Dulles, Virginia) to Cape Town = 14hrs 45min
  • EWR (Newark, New Jersey) to Cape Town = 14hrs 45min
  • EWR (Newark, New Jersey) to Johannesburg = 15 hrs

US/East Coast airport direct to Kenya:

  • JFK (New York, New York) to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport = 13hrs 30min

Travel to Africa via Europe

Breaking up the journey and visiting some amazing places is the bright side of two long flights! When they book an African safari with us, many of our clients choose to extend their stay in Europe. Example: you can spend a whole day in Paris seeing the sites, shopping, eating delicious French cuisine, and sightseeing before returning to the airport for your next trip. The business class lounges have spas and showers, so you can rest and get ready for your next flight without having to go too far from the airport.

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Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime

Get in touch with us if you need assistance with vacation planning! To help you cross items off your bucket list and make experiences that will last a lifetime, our professional travel planners will craft a personalized schedule specifically for you. Initiate your African adventure planning journey with us today.

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