THE 10 BEST African Camping Safari Tours and Destinations

Camping in Africa. Our tailor-made African Camping Safari Tours will take you even closer to Africa’s wildlife. Book now and save up to 20% on Camping Safaris.

Spending a couple evenings under the stars while listening to the faraway rumble of woodland animals is a common part of camping in Africa. Morning sunbeams streaming through your tent, accompanied by the chattering of birds in the trees, will greet you as you emerge from your slumber. Peeking through the tent entrance, you may notice the footprints of prehistoric creatures.

Camping in the African bush will provide you with experiences like these. Camping is the perfect pastime for those seeking an enjoyable way to truly see the untamed beauty of Africa. Camping in Africa is more of an exciting and enjoyable pastime than a difficult one. Camping allows you to connect with nature on a deeper level.

Everyone from those who want it cozy to those who would rather be out in the wilderness can find the perfect camping package to fit their needs.

Here I will fill you in on the various camping options in Africa, which countries offer the best camping experiences, what gear you should bring for your camping trip, and some tips to make sure you have a blast.

Camping Destinations in Africa

Kenya Camping Safari Adventures

A Camping Safari to Kenya is a wonderful choice for adventure. Kenya is located within the wildlife-rich East Africa, bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Kenya has been remarkably one of the growing tourist destinations in East Africa, with the country having a wide variety of wildlife to offer.

The mesmerizing beauty of the country, rich in flora and fauna, the beautiful landscapes spiced with the savanna, Lakelands, the mountain highlands, the Great Rift Valley, manifest the plethora of wild animals such as the lions, buffaloes, hippos, elephants, and rhinos to mention but a few, that are found in the country.

SHOCKED by their FIRST TIME IN KENYA! | Wild Camping in Ol Pejeta


Camping in Tanzania

Camping safaris to Tanzania will offer an awful and unique experience full of thrills and frills that travel buffs shouldn’t miss. Imagine yourself under the canvass, under the African clear sky with shining stars above you, wow it is really amazing here. Tanzania has relatively hospitable people who always put on a welcoming smile to all visitors.

camping safari to Africa with adventure is worthy of travel to the heart of the African wilderness, where you will have a first-class experience of Africa. Tanzania is located in East Africa and is a remarkable one of the countries that hold a number of wildlife in Africa and also hosts the second largest terrestrial mammal migration on earth, the Great Migration.

Adventure Camping in Africa

When most people think of camping, they picture adventure camping, where they pitch a dome-shaped tent, sleep on uncomfortable ground while nestled in a cozy sleeping bag, and prepare food over an open fire. For those who enjoy the great outdoors and are traveling on a tight budget, this is the ideal way to camp because it gives you the authentic African wilderness experience. This is especially important if you intend to set up your tent somewhere other than the designated areas. Here, the term “wild camping” applies.

When you go “wild camping,” you pitch your tent in an unofficial location and share it with locals in a remote African community. There aren’t any amenities supplied, but you’ll have what you need, such a bucket shower and a shared restroom that everyone uses. Because of this, you can keep to your budget and not go overboard. You will also find satisfaction in harmonizing with the natural world. Just a friendly reminder to research if the land you’re considering visiting is publicly or privately owned before venturing out into rural areas. You should check with the relevant authorities in your area for further details.

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