Camping in Tanzania (Budget Tanzania Camping Adventure)

Camping safaris to Tanzania will offer an awful and unique experience full of thrills and frills that travel buffs shouldn’t miss. Imagine yourself under the canvass, under the African clear sky with shining stars above you, wow it is really amazing here. Tanzania has relatively hospitable people who always put on a welcoming smile to all visitors.

Tanzania Camping Safari

Camping in Tanzania? Best Budget Tanzania Camping Safaris – A camping safari to Africa with adventure is worthy of travel to the heart of the African wilderness, where you will have a first-class experience of Africa. Tanzania is located in East Africa and is a remarkable one of the countries that hold a number of wildlife in Africa and also hosts the second largest terrestrial mammal migration on earth, the Great Migration.

Tanzania is a vast country, with a lot of National Parks and Game Reserves which habituate large numbers of wildlife, the landscape of the country spiced with the rivers, lakes, and mountains. Travel here will really offer a great experience of the wilderness in Africa.

Tanzania Camping Safari Adventures
Lake Manyara Camping Safari

Where to go during your camping safaris in Tanzania?

Best Migration Camps in Serengeti, Tanzania

Lake Manyara National Park

A protected area in Tanzania, situated within the Manyara region and the nearest to Arusha town. Lake Manyara National Park covers an area of about 325 km2 inclusive of 230 km2 of the Biosphere reserve surface of Lake Manyara. The areas within and outside the National Park along the Maranga Forest Reserve on the adjacent uplands are included as the Lake Manyara important bird area. The majority of the National Park has a land area that is a narrow strip running between the Gregory Rift wall to the west and Lake Manyara in the East.

A camping safari here is worthy and rewarding since much more spectacular attractions are found in the National Park. The diverse landscape of the park that includes the Great Rift Valley, the soda lake, dense woodland, grasslands, and the mountainsides is worthy to view while in the park.

Lake Manyara National Park is a great place for wildlife sighting and the commonly spotted here include the Buffalo, Cheetah, Baboon, Elephant, Hippo, the Impala, and also known for habituating the rare tree-climbing mountains, however, all other forms of mammals can be spotted here. Lake Manyara National Park is famously known as a home to large numbers of birdlife and over 370 bird species live here. Lake Manyara shores are also known for having the largest population of pink flamingos with over 1.9 million flamingos live here.

Lake Manyara Camping Safari
Lake Manyara Camping Tour

Ngorongoro National Conservation Area

A camping safari here is a perfect choice since it offers a great chance to blend with the scenic landscape and wildlife. Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is well known for habituating large numbers of wildlife in Tanzania. Ngorongoro Conservation harbors the world’s largest volcanic caldera, with a depth of 610 meters and its floor extends to about 260 sq. km. The Area is home to all the big cats such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs. A camping safari here is awful with game viewing and bird watching.

Ngorongoro Camping Tour
Ngorongoro Camping Safari

Tarangire National Park

Famously known as a home to large herds of elephants, the elephant’s herds are usually larger with over 3000 elephants spotted in the Park. Tarangire National Park also harbors the rare baobab tree species that are an habitant to other wild animals such as the vervet monkeys, however, many more are commonly spotted in the park. The park is also home to other forms of wildlife such as birds, with the park habituating over 550 different bird species and many travelers have referred to it as a heaven of birds.

Tarangire Camping Safari
Tarangire Camping Tour
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