21 Days Birding in Tanzania, The Ultimate 3 Weeks in Tanzania

21 Days Birding in Tanzania (Spotlight on Endemics). 21 Days birding Tour Focusing on sampling Popular Tanzania Endemics and specialty sites.

Birding in Tanzania

Visiting popular Tanzanian sites to Include:

Pemba Island, Usambaa Mountains, South Pare Mountains, Ngorongoro Highlands, The world Famous Serengeti, Ukaguru/Rubeho Ranges, Uluti/Uzungwa Scarp, the East Udzungwas, and the Kilombero Flood Plains.

Tailored – Flexible – Yours

Target Birds Include:

Usambara Weaver, Ashy Starling, Rufous.Iringa akalat ,Rubeho akalat Usambara akalat.Usambara eagle-owl,Uhehe fiscal.Montane tiny greenbul Tanzanian red-billed hornbill, Beesley’s lark, Yellow-collared lovebird Pemba scops owl, Pemba green pigeon, Pemba White-eye Mbulu White-eye, Kilimanjaro White-eye, South Pare White-eye, Grey-breasted spurfowl Banded green sunbird, Moreau’s sunbird, Pemba Sunbird, Rufous-winged sunbird Usambara thrush, Rubeho warbler, Winifred’s warbler, Kilombero weaver Kilombero Cisticola, White-Tailed Cisticola, Rufous-tailed weaver

Ashy Starling
Iringa akalat
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