Tanzania Family Safari Holidays & Vacations with Kids

A family safari to Tanzania is a wonderful choice that offers a great opportunity for children for opening up their minds to the new world. A family safari to Tanzania offers a variety of adventure to the youngsters, with the country famously known for the lion prides in the Serengeti, the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, with the friendly natives who are welcoming, a family with a good sense of adventure will have a great time in Tanzania.

A family safaris holiday in Tanzania has a wide range of activity highlights which include; spotting the Big Five on a safari drive, trying out your hand at traditional fishing, meeting the Maasai, snorkeling in the warm Indian Ocean, and many more activities such as beach volleyball on Zanzibar that will offer great fun to the youngsters makes Tanzania a top destination for a family safari.

Where to go in Tanzania on a family safari?

Serengeti, a family safari holiday in Tanzania, a visit to Serengeti National Park will leave you and your Family mesmerized at any time you set to a game drive. At Serengeti National Park, there is a great opportunity for you and your family to witness the Great Migration where large herds of mammal grazers move in search of fresh pastures and water, with big cats following them to catch prey.

A visit to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. While on a family safari holiday in Tanzania, a visit to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is rewarding with the view from the Crater rim that will leave you and your youngsters in the wonder of the natural beauty found nowhere else in the world. The Ngorongoro Crater is steeped in history and your kids will have a great time learning a few things here as you continue your adventure on a cruise on the caldera floor.

Selous Game Reserve, preferably on a family safari holiday in Tanzania a visit to the largest Game Reserve on the continent is an awesome experience that will leave you and your youngsters in the great dilemma of analyzing the beauty of the Reserve endowed with palm trees and a variety of wildlife. While in Selous Game Reserve, expect to experience one of the quieter safaris with no interruption from other tourist vehicles.

A trip to Zanzibar. A family safari holiday in Tanzania will blow your mind with a visit to Zanzibar Island, with everything someone can possibly imagine about an island on the Indian Ocean. The Island miles upon the beautiful beaches lined with palm trees and turquoise water and the relaxed pace of the Island life is evident from the moment of your arrival.

What are the family safari activities to do while in Tanzania?

Family game drives – On a Family Safari Holiday in Tanzania, family game drives is one of the best activity to do, especially in Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater that are pretty special in nature. Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater also offer cultural activities with appeal for all ages. While here, the kids can interact with the local children and adults can also interact with the work–age and the elderly members of the community.

While in Tanzania, the Serengeti is an excellent destination with varieties of activities that youngsters can get involved including tracking, making bows and arrows, enjoying walks around the camp with staff, and many more others. While in Serengeti, rest assured of always having something to look at at any moment from smaller mammals to birds.

Selous is also a great place to visit while on, family safaris holiday in Tanzania. While here, the youngsters can enjoy lots of activities such as fishing and canoeing, mostly for older children of at least 15 years and above. At Selous, walks in the bushes provide a thrilling experience with a different perspective from the game drives.

Zanzibar also offers lots of activities to do such as playing on the beach, trying a few watersports, and taking trips to spice farms, Jozani Forest, and tortoise – Tastic prison Island.

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