What is a Safari: Explained in Videos, Photos + Reviews

What is a Safari: Explained in Videos, Photos + Reviews – Of course, you’ve heard about African safaris and seen photos of celebs looking glamorous on safari in Africa. But, what is a safari really? And what is a safari in Africa like for the regular 21st Century traveler?

Here, we’ll tell you all about African safaris and explain what a safari in Africa is like for most travelers nowadays. By the end of this post, you’ll know what to expect on a safari in Africa today.


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A safari in Africa is not…

A safari in Africa is not just for seasoned game rangers or scientists, or khaki-clad bushwhackers. To enjoy your time on safari, you don’t have to be an outdoorsman like Bear Grylls. Almost anyone may thoroughly enjoy an African safari in their own travel style.

A safari is not the same as a visit to an animal shelter or wildlife sanctuary. Safaris do not include trips to refuges or havens for animals, not even in Africa.

A safari is not a visit to an African zoo. A safari is not a wine-tasting excursion in the Cape Winelands. A tour of a township? No. A journey to Ethiopia to meet the tribes of the Omo Valley? In theory, not a safari. A Namibian road trip? Furthermore, it isn’t technically a safari until you go to a game park with wildlife, like Etosha. An African safari is still distinct from an African beach vacation, city vacation, historical tour, or cultural excursion.

In Africa, a vacation only qualifies as a safari when you include time spent outside viewing animals. Including wildlife watching on foot, in a tiny plane, a boat, a canoe, or a 4×4 safari vehicle, to mention a few. Boat journeys and marine tours are frequently categorized as “ocean safaris” based on this expanded understanding of the term “safari.”

What is a safari?

A safari is a journey. Going on safari is, in the broadest sense, just traveling. A safari is, more particularly, a journey that entails entering the outdoors to view wild creatures.

African Safari Reviews

On safari in Africa

Although the word “safari” has Arabic (and later Swahili) roots, the modern definition of a safari is African in origin. These days, Africa and safari go hand in hand. Can you only safari in Africa or can you go on safari outside of Africa?

Safaris do occur in Africa. The majority of safaris take place in Africa, despite the fact that you can travel in a safari-style in other locations. Safaris originated in Africa. Here is where the traditional notion of a wildlife safari originated and developed. There are deep roots for the safari in Africa.

The United States, Australia, India, Canada, and other nations all allow for “safari” travel. Of course, there are wilderness regions all around the world where you can see wild creatures. However, none of the wild areas found outside of Africa are traditionally used for safaris. You can discover wildlife tours or adventures elsewhere (safari-style trips).

Anywhere in the world can be used for wilderness excursions, but only Africa offers the true safari experience.

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What is a safari in Africa, then?

2 Days AFRICAN SAFARI TOUR – Maasai Mara National Preserve KENYA

In Africa, a safari is the most well-known and popular kind of vacation. The best “thing to do” in Africa, in the opinion of many, is to go on safari. A safari in Africa typically connotes a wildlife safari.

An African safari is, in essence, any excursion into the wild where wildlife is allowed to roam free. But over time, the classic African safari notion has grown. Today, any trip to Africa where you spend time in the outdoors admiring wandering animals might be referred to as a safari.

In conclusion, a safari is an excursion (or expedition), particularly in East and Southern Africa, to view wild animals.

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