The 8 Best Things to Do in Serengeti: According to Local Experts

The 8 Best Things to Do in Serengeti National Park: According to Experts. There are numerous activities in Serengeti National Park which range from luxury experiences; Game Drives, Hot Air Balloon Safaris, Maasai Village Visit, Walking Safaris & Nature Hikes, Horseback Safaris, Bush Meals & Sundowners, Wildlife In Serengeti.

There are several activities available in the Serengeti, ranging from luxury experiences such as hot air balloon rides over the plains where you can watch wildlife down below to less expensive bush lunches and nature walks or wildlife treks. Some of the most popular activities are brief excursions to a traditional Maasai tribal hamlet, where visitors get a fascinating peek into the nomadic peoples’ unique way of life. Tourists visiting the Serengeti can schedule the following activities in advance of their trip to Tanzania.

Things To Do in Serengeti National Park

Things to Do in Serengeti National Park (Activities)

Game Drives in Serengeti

So, what exactly are ”game drives” in the Serengeti or on an African Safari, as anyone considering booking a safari in Tanzania, for example, will have heard game drives mentioned throughout the itinerary? A safari game drive is a vehicle-based adventure excursion into a wildlife area, such as a National Park or Reserve, such as the Serengeti, with the goal of touring the park and viewing a range of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Serengeti Balloon Safaris

Flying in a Hot Air Balloon over the Serengeti plains is a truly ‘once in a lifetime’ event that you can enjoy during any safari to Serengeti National Park. The balloon takes off at dawn, at 6 a.m., drifting silently over the savannah grasslands below, where you may observe a variety of wildlife. The hour-long flight is followed by a ”Champagne Bush Breakfast” at the balloon landing point in the forest. The balloon is flown by a highly qualified and experienced Pilot, and the balloons themselves are most typically manufactured in the United Kingdom by Cameron, a professional hot air balloon manufacturer. The basket sizes vary, and it is essential to plan the ride ahead of time because space is usually limited to a maximum of 16 passengers per balloon, and often less if flying with a smaller basket. Governors Balloons provided the images.

Maasai Village Visit

The Maasai, arguably Africa’s most iconic tribal tribe, dominate huge portions of Northern Tanzania and are the major ethnic group around the Serengeti. This nomadic, warrior tribe, which previously controlled great swaths of pre-colonial Tanzania, has preserved many of its customs and lives in areas largely unspoiled by modern society in the Serengeti. So, why go to a Maasai village, and what can you expect to see? This one-hour visit to a Maasai hamlet allows you to connect with the Maasai and learn about their culture, distinctive way of life, and observe some of their rituals and practices firsthand.

Walking Safaris & Bush Walks

A bush walking safari is an action-packed activity in which participants go on leisurely, guided walks in a wildlife conservation area with the goal of observing wild animals in a more natural setting without the use of a vehicle.

There are two kinds of nature hikes available at Serengeti. There are two nature walks: one within the camp and one beyond the main park. This trek within the camp lasts roughly 45 minutes to an hour and costs between USD 75 and USD 100 per person. The duration of walks outside the main park is approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours, covering a distance of 9 – 15 km, and includes a packed breakfast/lunch depending on the timings, as well as game drives on route to and from the walking safari location, with prices ranging from USD 100 to USD 200 per person. These nature treks are best done in the early mornings or late afternoons when the sun is not too scorching.

Bush Meals & Sundowners

Experience an unforgettable bush dinner with Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

There is an almost primordial delight in having a meal amid the raw wilderness of the African savannah, especially if the location is the Serengeti, where your views are likely to be framed by gorgeous scenery and magnificent wildlife. As a result, special dinners are a popular pastime on a Serengeti safari, and specific possibilities are described below.

Picnic Lunch: Usually arranged during a full day game outing in the reserve so that one does not have to return to the lodge or camp for lunch, the meal itself is in the form of packed lunch boxes that your camp or lodge provides by prior arrangement the night before to allow them adequate time to prepare the meal boxes. Though the food is usually modest yet filling, the sometimes gorgeous setting in the wilderness makes this a very memorable lunch. Most Serengeti resorts offer this meal for free in place of a house lunch.

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