Dar es Salaam Facts, Population, Map, Holiday, Things to Do

Dar es Salaam Facts, Population, Map, Holiday, Things to Do. Although it is more commonly referred to as “Dar,” the biggest city and logistics hub in Tanzania is really located inland in the drab administrative city of Dodoma, which is better avoided. Dar is more lovingly regarded as the capital of the country. But for most tourists, Dar es Salaam is either a stopover on the way to Zanzibar’s beaches or an internal flight to Tanzania for some jaw-dropping wildlife viewing.

Dar es Salaam, a city that lives up to its translated name of “Haven of Peace” with its architecture that reflects a blend of Swahili, colonial, and Asian influences, is a vibrant and emotional metropolis. Established in the 1860s, making it a more modern city than other coastal settlements, Dar isn’t exactly a picnic for tourists. The city itself doesn’t offer much to see or do, aside from a couple of museums, the Botanical Gardens, a few posh hotels, and what are supposedly the greatest restaurants in East Africa.

Outside of Dar es Salaam, you’ll find plenty to see and do: opulent beachfront hotels are just a short drive away, all of Tanzania’s destinations on the Indian Ocean are within an hour’s flight, and the vast and untamed Nyerere National Park (Selous Game Reserve) is just a short hop by light plane away, so you can combine a safari with a beach vacation.

Another reason why Dar es Salaam is becoming more important as a safari gateway is the growing interest in Tanzania’s less-visited southern and central parks, like Katavi, the Mahale Mountains, and Ruaha.

Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam, the Largest City in East Africa

The cultural crossroads and economic hub of Tanzania are located in Dar es Salaam, the country’s biggest metropolis.

Dar es Salaam is the capital and most populous city of Tanzania, located on the coast of the Indian Ocean not far from Zanzibar. Safaris and trips to the white beaches of Zanzibar are common destinations for visitors passing through this city, which is home to the country’s busiest international airport.

Nowhere is the melting pot of Swahili, European, Arab, and Indian flavors more evident than in Dar’s delectable cuisine. You can find delicious seafood hauls, pasta, pizza, street-side grills, and curries just about anywhere in the city.

The area is rich with museums, galleries showcasing modern art, and verdant botanical gardens to explore on foot. In contrast to the shiny high-rises and ancient colonial, Arab, and Indian structures, the beaches and islands off the coast offer a welcome escape from the bustle of the city center.

Things to Do in Dar es Salaam

Visitors to Tanzania often spend at least some time in Dar es Salaam, the capital and biggest city in the country. Dar offers a variety of activities, some of which are listed below.
– Coco beach, Botanical gardens, National Museum.

Dar es Salaam Holiday Itineraries

Many people begin their safaris or tropical island vacations in Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam, which is home to Tanzania’s main international airport. You may see Dar es Salaam on a few of our trips down below.

Dar es salaam to Kilimanjaro, Itinerary, Distance, Car/Flight

Flights from Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro provide the ideal escape, whether you’re planning a big adventure or simply need a last-minute getaway. With the affordable flight, you may explore Kilimanjaro without breaking the bank, and you’ll have the opportunity to build some enchanting memories while indulging in delicious cuisine and seeing the local attractions. You may discover flights that fit your schedule and budget on Expedia, regardless of whether your desired itinerary involves traveling one way, non-stop, or round trip.

Dar es Salaam History

Exploring Dar es Salaam, Largest City in Tanzania

Around 1865, Sultan Majid bin Said of Zanzibar established Dar es Salaam close to the fishing port of Mzizma on the Indian Ocean. “Home of peace” is an approximate translation of the Arabic name.

A German East Africa Company outpost was set up in Dar in 1887. Thanks to its position as the company’s headquarters and the Central Railway Line’s expansion, the town flourished. What is now mainland Tanzania was renamed Tanganyika when the British seized German East Africa during World War I; Dar es Salaam continued to serve as the administrative and commercial hub.

Tanganyika gained its independence in 1961. Dodoma, in central Tanzania, succeeded Dar as capital in 1974. Dar had been the capital since 1974. With a population of almost 4.4 million, Dar is still the country’s financial and commercial hub.

Dar es Salaam Facts

  • Hindi, English, Arabic, and Kiswahili are the languages spoken.
  • Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) serves the city of Dar es Salaam and is a hub for domestic and international flights.
  • Direct flights depart from DAR and land at a number of East African destinations, such as Rwanda’s Kigali, Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar. Direct flights are also available from major international airports like Amsterdam, Dubai, and Doha.
  • Withdrawing Tanzanian shillings is a breeze at any of the many ATMs spread out over the city and even at the airport. While US dollars are accepted for larger purchases or on safari, little transactions in town, including as taxi tickets, require shillings.
  • It takes around 30–90 minutes, depending on traffic, to get from the airport to the city center in a cab. If you want to take a taxi or use Uber, just look for the white license plates. It is best to prearrange the fare because taxis do not use meters. You might also arrange for a private transfer to get you where you need to go.
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