Katavi National Park Tanzania (Activities and Safaris)

The guide on Katavi National Park Tanzania. The attractions, safaris, and activities in Katavi National Park – were created in 1974 and are located in Katavi Region. – Everything to Know about this beautiful park. here we give you the latest information on the attractions, activities, best time, location and accommodation facilities around the park.

Katavi National Park Tanzania

Katavi National Park Tanzania

We also go ahead to show you how to best plan your safari as well as offer you sample packages with a free quote to help you plan your Walking and classic safari, 4 of the Big 5 (no rhino), abundant wildlife in the Dry season to Katavi National Park.

Katavi National Park is a Tanzanian national park created in 1974 and is located in Katavi RegionTanzania. It is a very remote park that is less frequently visited than other Tanzanian national parks. The park is approximately 4,471 square kilometers (1,726 sq mi) in area, which makes it the third largest national park in Tanzania. The park encompasses the Katuma River and the seasonal Lake Katavi and Lake Chada floodplains.

Best Time to Visit Katavi National Park

Katavi is a classic dry-country reserve. During the Wet season, from November to April, the wildlife disperses into the woodland, and wildlife viewing becomes a challenge. The heat and humidity are oppressive in the Wet season. During the Dry season, the Katuma River is reduced to a narrow stream, and the floodplains become a magnet for wildlife.

Katavi National Park Map

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