Katavi Ruaha And Nyerere Safari: (Home to Epic Wildlife)

Our Most exciting Katavi, Ruaha And Nyerere Safari: Remote Big Game; combing Katavi Ruaha and Nyerere National Parks places that are remote, wild and home to epic wildlife.

Safari by day Itinerary: Katavi Ruaha And Nyerere Safari

Days 1 – 5: Fly from Arusha to Katavi National Park

Tanzania | Katavi National Park – Home of Hippos and lots more

Early flight from Arusha via the Serengeti and Tabora for refueling, landing in Katavi at midday. The safari begins at the airfield, and after lunch and a nap, your guides will return you to camp in time for a first-day exploration of Katavi.

Chada Katavi

Since we first came here 20 years ago, Katavi has hardly altered. We like to explore in Katavi. We stroll through the plains admiring the complete lack of people and traffic. It’s not just that we are standing on the same ground as the big game; it’s also the impression that we are the only ones doing it. In our fly-camp, we take bedrolls and tuck them under a borassus palm. We travel by 4WD to Paradise Plains and enjoy viewing only the wild parts of Africa for kilometres. We don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but we find it impossible to believe that anything like this wouldn’t have even the slightest impact on your life.

Days 5 – 8: Fly from Katavi national park to Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park 4 Days Safari Experience

After a leisurely breakfast this morning, catch your scheduled flight to the magnificent Ruaha National Park in the southeast. In addition to the large cats and several more uncommon antelope species like sable and roan, Ruaha is rich in big game, with herds of over 100 elephants frequently spotted.

Embark on an exploratory drive in an open game viewing vehicle after lunch in camp, stopping for a sundowner next to a famous Ruaha baobab tree.

Kigelia Ruaha

We investigate in one of Africa’s prime wildlife areas. We have specially made open game drive vehicles that are ideal for navigating Ruaha’s diverse environments. You can leave on foot as well. Being independent of others makes for a very different experience. We love “going out” for breakfast and relaxing in the wilderness with a sundowner. In all honesty, the only justification you need to do these things is because they are uncommon delights on a safari and something you wouldn’t do at home. This is safari as it should be, whether you’re traveling in an open game drive vehicle, walking the game trails with your guide, or simply exploring the camp in search of birds.

Days 8 – 11: Fly from Ruaha National Park to Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park Tanzania

Drive to the airport early in order to arrive in Nyerere in time for lunch. Before enjoying a delicious dinner in the main dining room or by the pool, settle down before taking a quick sundowner boat ride up river.

Sand Rivers Selous

Days are for exploration at Sand Rivers. Our 4×4 cars with open sides are excellent for taking in the scenery. for traveling a short distance as necessary. But if possible, we like to keep things spontaneous. Hop down and stealthily make our way into a good position on foot to get the best view, avoid scaring away animals from the lakeside, or spook an elephant herd as they graze. The same holds true for our vessels. Being on the river is a wonderful diversion from being in a car. Overall, a day at Sand Rivers isn’t spent checking boxes or driving nonstop in pursuit of the next animal. We want you to experience a gradual engrossment in this area of the natural world.

Fly from Nyerere National Park to Dar es Salaam

Before heading to the airport for your next flight, enjoy a leisurely start with breakfast by the pool and perhaps a swim.

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