7 Day Tanzania Birding Safari Express (Usambara Endemics)

7 Day Tanzania Birding Safari Express (Usambara Endemics). 7 Days birdwatching Tour visits North-Eastern Tanzania Endemic bird localities.

What to expect

Tour Targets a short visit with limited time to North-Eastern Tanzania areas with Endemics or special Birds. Sites to be visited include the Lark Plains North of Arusha for the Beasley’s, Short-Tailed and Short Toed Larks, The Usambaras for the Usamabara Mountain Endemics, and specials such as the Usambara Weaver, Usambara Akalat, Usambara Double-collared Sunbird, Usambara Thrush, African Tailorbird, Spot Throat and an array of special Greenbuls. The 7 Days birdwatching tour also circles around the dry country Masai Steppes for dry country birds such as the Taveta Golden Weaver, Tsavo, and Hunters sunbirds, Pringles Puffbuck, Scaly Charterer, South Grossbeak Canary, African Bare eyed Thrus, and a number of Finces and Seedeaters.

Usambara Akalat
Usambara Double collared Sunbird
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