When is the Best Time to Visit Rwanda: A Weather Guide

When is the Best Time to Visit Rwanda: A Seasonal Guide – People frequently inquire as to the ideal time to visit Rwanda. Optimal times to visit Rwanda vary widely depending on the type of activity or purpose for which one is traveling there. The traveler’s preferences, such as preferred trip dates, can play a role. However, it’s important to remember that individual preferences vary widely among humans, adding another layer of complexity. Many of the curious foreigners who have posed this question have mentioned that they plan to visit the “Land of a Thousand Hills” to participate in activities like Gorilla tracking; however, the answer to this issue can best be determined by taking into account the seasons and weather climate.

Rwanda: What to Know Before You Visit Rwanda from a Local Guide

The Best time to Visit Rwanda

The fact that Rwanda is completely landlocked has an impact on the country’s climate. The terrain is pleasant, and the area receives sufficient rainfall thanks to its tropical climate, which contributes to the area’s agricultural prosperity. The average annual temperature in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, is between 20 and 22 degrees.

Many people think of gorilla tracking as an annual event, but there are times of year when it’s best to avoid trying to follow these massive primates. First, the experience might not live up to your expectations, and second, you might have a harder time finding them. If you’re a fan of gorillas and would like to visit Rwanda, the best time to do it is during the brief dry season, which lasts from about the middle of December to the beginning of February. However, if you’re planning a Gorilla trekking experience, June through September is when the weather is at its best. The reduced risk of malaria and the milder weather make these times ideal for making the ascent.

Don’t fret if the aforementioned seasons don’t suit you well. You may still trek gorillas at any time of year, but keep in mind that there is always a price to be paid. If you want to avoid forking over the cash, get in shape first.

Those interested in chimpanzee tracking in Rwanda should know that there are two wet seasons when seeing these primates is most likely. Nyungwe Forest National Park is the best place to do chimp tracking in Rwanda, and the rainiest times of year to visit are mid-February to early June and mid-September to mid-December. Food is plentiful, so chimpanzees don’t have to worry about finding it. Since food is more plentiful for these primates during wetter seasons, you won’t have to go as far to find them as you would in the dry. This forces them to go to great lengths in search of sustenance.

It is still possible to track them throughout the other dry seasons, but you will need to be well equipped, physically fit, and willing to travel kilometers to find them, just like with the gorillas. A very thin layer of cloud covers the skies during all of Rwanda’s dry periods, which helps to moderate the heat and occasionally drops a few raindrops. However, during the rainy seasons, the rain is not only severe and heavy, but also rather constant.

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