Visit Rwanda: Is Rwanda Worth Visiting for First Timers

Visit Rwanda: Is Rwanda Worth Visiting for First Timers. The reasons to make Rwanda your next destination; Made-to-Order Fashion, An Inspired History, Incredible Wildlife Encounters, Create Your Own Adventure, Travel with Purpose, Pampered Stays, Meet the Artists.

Visit Rwanda Soon

As many people call Rwanda home, you’ll find nearly as many attractions. One of the most populous countries in Africa, with 12.2 million people living in just 26,338 square kilometers (10,169 square miles) of land. It is the proud guardian of four national parks and a leader in conservation initiatives. In 2015, The World Travel Guide ranked it as the third greenest place on Earth.

Tourists come here for a wide variety of reasons; some are looking for a luxurious vacation, while others want to experience the great outdoors at a campsite or visit the famed gorillas and chimpanzees.

Rwanda is full of promise and amazement, from the enlightening historical museums to the amazing meals served high above the pulsating city below.

You’ll feel moved and enlightened after delving into it. Explore the world better by include these seven not-to-be-missed activities in your schedule.

Visit Rwanda: Reasons to make Rwanda your next destination

An Inspired History:

For a glimpse into the past, go south from Kigali along the Cultural Heritage Corridor. You may see a recreation of the original thatch hut palace, which dates back to the 10th century, and its concrete successor, which was built in 1931, at the King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza. (The latter helped to serve the country’s previous two monarchs.) The Inyambo cows in the back are worth a look. The cows were once used as a status symbol by the monarchs. Many modern-day Intore dancers take inspiration from the originals’ long horns. Located further south, the Ethnographic Museum in Huye provides a more comprehensive overview of Rwandan culture through its seven exhibition halls, which feature examples of traditional Rwandan architecture, textiles, hunting equipment, and more.

Incredible Wildlife Encounters:

Mountain Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Rwanda is home to some of Africa’s most amazing animals, from mountain gorillas in the north to chimpanzees in the south (13 kinds of primates have been recorded in Nyungwe National Park alone!). Expert local guides and trackers assist visitors safely navigate the mountains and jungles without jeopardizing the conservation work that has been done there. Dian Fossey spent decades studying gorillas in Rwanda, namely the country’s famous silverbacks. Musanze already has a modest museum dedicated to her memory, but soon visitors will be able to see and learn considerably more. In 2021, thanks to a contribution from The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, the center’s dedicated research and education facilities for gorillas will be finished.

Create Your Own Adventure:

These slopes present obstacles for even the most seasoned adventurer. Want to go horseback riding in the hills above Kigali at Fazenda Sengha? Sure. A multi-day trip on your mountain bike down the 141-mile-long Congo Nile Trail, which consists of a network of dirt roads that weave through the countryside? It’s yours to keep. A stroll over a Canopy Walkway that is 70 meters high and 160 meters long, swaying in the breeze above a natural rainforest? Please specify a time and date. Visitors to Rwanda with an appetite for exploration won’t be let down.

Paddle with Purpose:

The hypnotic chanting that echoes across Lake Kivu every night isn’t a performance for tourists. The “Singing Fishermen” are guys from the area who utilize the songs to keep their heavy wooden fishing boats in tune with the paddles and the rhythm of the waves. It’s fascinating to observe them as they meticulously get ready to spend the night fishing for small isambaza fish. The single-day and multi-day kayaking vacations offered by Kingfisher Journeys are a much more manageable option for travelers. In either case, you shouldn’t miss the sunset views from a vantage point below Rwanda’s highlands.

Pampered Stays:

One&Only Nyungwe House

The One&Only Nyungwe House, for instance, is one of a growing number of upscale hotels spread out around the country and nestled among the verdant foliage of a thriving tea plantation. In the north, the 21-room One&Only Gorilla’s Nest opens later this year as a sibling hotel. Guests can choose from a variety of unique activities, including open-air spa treatments and a tea experience in which they can choose their own leaves and make their own tea bags to take home. A visit to Kigali’s Ubumwe Grande Hotel isn’t complete unless you’ve enjoyed a bottle of wine while taking in the city from the hotel’s Rooftop Rendezvous Bar & Grill. Also, the Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel in Musanze provides guests with morning serenades from black-headed weaver songbirds in the garden and afternoon vistas of the volcanoes.

Meet the Artists

As you go around the cities of Rwanda, you will see vivid murals adorning the walls of buildings, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Rwanda is home to many creative artists. Local pottery, string sculptures, and mixed-media paintings are just the beginning of the selections that will make art aficionados swoon. Community co-ops sometimes feature displays by local carvers and weavers, so you can easily observe your memento in progress. Gorilla-headed walking sticks that break down into manageable sections, agaseke baskets of varying sizes, and colorful woven jewelry are all viable options that can be readily stored in a suitcase. Experience the country’s rich cultural legacy through the wailing chants and ingoma drums played by professional and amateur musicians and dancers alike during community gatherings.

Made-to-Order Fashion

Exploring the biggest Market of Kigali Rwanda : Kimironko Travel Vlog adventure

At the Kimironko Market in Kigali, brightly colored fabrics, neatly folded from floor to ceiling, fill dozens of shops. Pick the one that speaks to you, and a skilled tailor will have you dressed to the nines in a matter of hours. Got a few minutes to spare? Stop by rw&a Rwanda Clothing and have a chat with designer Joselyne Umutoniwase; the two of you will collaborate to create a couture ensemble that is truly one of a kind. You may find intricately woven bags and baskets in marketplaces all around the country, and they make lovely mementos. The prevalence of mountain ranges, bats, birds, and rivers in the textiles is indicative of a reverence for the country’s flora and fauna.

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