Budget Rwanda Safaris (Very Cheap) Gorilla Trekking Tours

Budget Rwanda Safaris are the cheapest way of having an Affordable Budget Rwanda Safaris. Budget Rwanda Safari (Very Cheap) Gorilla Trekking Tours

Whether it is a short or long Safari in Rwanda, it can be budgeted. To reduce the cost of a tour in Rwanda one can choose to stay in budget accommodations, take short holiday trips, and travel in the low season.

SAFARI in Rwanda

Golden Monkey trekking in Volcanoes National Park

5 Days Budget Rwanda Safari Primate tracking and Gorilla trekking tour is a trip to the best primate habitats of Rwanda. This 5 days safari in Rwanda takes you to Volcanoes National Park for Gorilla trekking

Zebras in Akagera National Park Rwanda

4 Day Akagera National Park wildlife safari is the best tour for wildlife game drives in Akagera National Park the only savannah park in Rwanda.  Located East of Rwanda, Akagera National Park is the only savannah.

Adult Male Mountain Gorilla Silverback [ Gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda]

4 Days Rwanda budget Gorilla Safari is a Gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda best planned for travelers who would want to have a double Gorilla tracking experience. Double Gorilla trekking is trekking gorillas twice.

Rhino tracking in Akagera National Park Rwanda

A 3 Days Akagera National Park wildlife safari offers best wildlife viewing in Rwanda’s only savannah park with a possibility of game drives. Located East of Rwanda, Akagera National Park

Ellen DeGeneres and wife trek Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

This 3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari from Kigali is best for Gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. A Rwanda Gorilla permit costs US$ 1500 each.

Wildlife in Akagera National Park Rwanda

Explore wildlife in Rwanda on this 2 Day Akagera National Park tour. Located East of Rwanda, Akagera National Park is the only savannah park where.

Gorillas tours in Rwanda

Have a memorable Gorilla tour with our 2 Day gorilla trek Rwanda from Kigali. This 2 Day Rwanda Gorilla tour is a short gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda

Wildlife viewing in Akagera National Park Rwanda

1 Day Akagera National Park is a one day wildlife tour to Akagera National Park of Rwanda. The park is home to the big five African game and the best spot.

Luxury Rwanda Tours Safaris

The 1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek is a short gorilla safari best done by tourists already in Rwanda with a very early morning pick up and late evening drop off in Kigali town.

Kigali City tour Rwanda

Kigali city is a major stop for many Rwanda safaris tourists as they arrive through the Kigali International Airport and therefore a 1 day Kigali city tour is a perfect experience to learn about the history and cultures of Rwanda through the perspective of a local tour guide.

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