White Water Rafting (Jinja) Uganda Price, Rafting Nile River

White Water Rafting Jinja Uganda is the best adventure activity for tourists on White Water Rafting Nile River. Safe & Secure White water Rafting Uganda Jinja a Lifetime Adventure Experience.

White water rafting Jinja Uganda is an Ultimate Lifetime adventure activity for tourists on the white water rafting Safari in Uganda. White Water Rafting (Jinja) Uganda Price, Rafting Nile River. Jinja source of the Nile River offers world-class rafting experiences with Grade 5 extreme rafting, Grade 3 full day raft, and Grade 2 family float. Raft the Nile and have a lifetime white water rafting adventure.

White Water Rafting Jinja; The Nile River at Jinja is home to the world’s finest grade 5 white water rafting as well as other adventure activities.

The Nile River is the world’s longest river and Jinja in Eastern Uganda is home to the source of the mighty Nile River.

For any adventure traveler on Uganda safaris, white water rafting at the source of the Nile River in Jinja is the best adventure sport.

The rafts on the Nile River explode their volumes of white water through huge walls and drift through flowing with rapids northwards. 

White water Rafting Nile River is a challenge of a kind that will keep your adrenaline high and your hurt pumping as you raft on the waves and of course, expected anything including getting into the water. 

Whether for first-time adventurers or experienced travelers on safaris in Uganda, this is a great activity to involve in your Uganda safari itinerary.

There are different levels of white water rafting depending on how frightened you can get, here is a highlight of the latest;

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  • Grade 5 Full Day raft & River board

The grade 5 full-day raft is the most popular water rafting in Uganda activity for 1 day Jinja tours. With a minimum age of 16 years, you spend about 3-4 on the river. It comes with a river board.

  • Grade 5 Extreme Raft & River board:

1 Day Jinja White Water Rafting Tour

White Water Rafting Tour on Nile River

Grade 5 extreme raft is considered the world’s most challenging but fun trip and not for the faint-hearted.

Extreme rafting is just for 2 people which is the guide and you.

You must be ready to swim in the rapids and hold your breath.

  • Grade 2 family float:

Want to adventure the Nile River with the family during a Tour in Uganda? The Grade 2 family float trip is the most comfortable trip. This trip requires a minimum age of 6 years and doesn’t take you to the extreme rapids of the Nile.

  • Grade 3 Full Day Raft & Riverboard:

Families that would love to have an experience of Grade 5 rafting without the rapids should choose Grade 3 rafting. This is an ideal one-day adventure trip for children as young as 8 years. You spend about 4 – 5 hours on the Nile.

  • Tubing the Nile:

One of the least undertaken activities on the Nile River is tubing the Nile. This is very comfortable for those who would love to just relax on the water. You drift on a tube for 2.5-3 hours while sunbathing.

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What are the Requirements for White Water Rafting in Jinja Uganda?

  • Minimum weight is 30 kg
  • All children below 18 years of age are applicable to guardian conditions. Under 16 years children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • No prior rafting experience is necessary however clients should be water confident and reasonably fit
  • Be sober with good health. Inform in case of any medical conditions.

Whitewater Rafting on the Nile | Wildwaters Lodge, Jinja, Uganda

How much is rafting in Jinja Uganda?

The cost of white water rafting in Jinja Uganda ranges between $165 and $270 depending on if the activity is a full day or half-day. 2 Days Jinja Whitewater rafting is the most expensive category and usually starts with a tour of Jinja town and the source of the Nile. You do not need to worry about photos.

Are there rapids on the Nile river?

The Cataracts of the Nile are shallow lengths (or whitewater rapids) of the Nile River, between Khartoum and Aswan, where the surface of the water is broken by many small boulders and stones jutting out of the river bed, as well as many rocky islets.

What is the Blue Nile and White Nile?

Blue Nile and White Nile are two tributaries of the Nile that flow from the South into what is referred to as the Nile proper, the longest river in the world. While the White Nile is the longer tributary, the Blue Nile is the main source of water and fertile soil.

Why is the White Nile important?

In particular, the Nile is the primary water source of Egypt and Sudan. The Nile has two major tributaries – the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The White Nile is considered to be the headwaters and primary stream of the Nile itself. It flows north through Tanzania, Lake Victoria, Uganda and South Sudan.

What to bring for White water Rafting Jinja

  • As you prepare to have a white water rafting experience on your Uganda Tour, remember to pack the following things;
  • Pack shorts and a t-shirt to wear during the raft. Long sleeves can be considered if you get sunburns easily.
  • Carry sunscreen since it could be extremely hot during the raft.
  • Pack along clothes to wear after the rafting experience since the others will be wet.
  • Any personal medication

No Safari to Uganda can be satisfying for adventure lovers without a white water rafting experience on the Nile River. You can contact Kabira Uganda Safaris for all of your white water rafting trips either on a day trip or on a long Uganda Wildlife Safari.

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Rafting White Nile.

White Water Rafting Tour Packages in Uganda

9 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari & White Water Rafting tour - Kabira Uganda Safaris

1 Day Jinja White Water Rafting Tour in a one day Jinja tour for water rafting at the source of the Nile River. White water rafting on a 1 day Jinja tour is the popular short Uganda safari activity for adventure travelers

1 Day Jinja White Water Rafting Tour

1 Day Jinja City tour is a Day excursion to Jinja city and a visit to the source of the Nile River. This one Day city tour in Jinja takes you on a trip and visit several attractions in and around Jinja. On this tour you visit Sezibwa falls, Mabira forest.

9 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari and White Water Rafting tour - Kabira Uganda Safaris

9 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari & White Water Rafting tour is a wildlife safari in Uganda with a white water rafting experience on the Nile River in Jinja. The trip comprises of a visit to Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley.

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