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Experience Luxury Kenya Safari Tours and Packages with Kabira Safaris and explore the true unchartered wilderness. Design a Luxury Kenya Safari Package to Fit Your Dreams & Budget. Experience the natural beauty of Kenya on a luxury safari. Get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most sought-after wildlife, as well as the annual Great Migration. In a country as popular as Kenya, it’s very important to keep away from crowds and mass-market tourism. That’s why, with Kabira Safaris, you’ll experience a genuine and very rewarding Luxury Kenya safari with visits to special, private conservation areas, owner-run camps, and intimate luxury Kenya Safari lodges. We’ve found the very best of Kenya and its hidden secrets for you to enjoy.

Journey to the Heart of Kenya / Epic Safari in the Maasai Mara

In this vast and varied landscape, you can witness some spectacular game drives.

  • Experience the world-famous wildebeest migration on the Maasai Mara (which we’ll help you enjoy in private conservation areas).
  • Visit the Amboseli National Park for stunning views over the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • In Further east to Chyulu Hills for remarkable insight into the lives of the Maasai. & the Maasai Culture
  • And in the north to the romantic Laikipia region of the Great Rift Valley with expert guides who’ll help you seek out the elusive black rhino.
  • Visit the Samburu National Reserve for a variety of landscapes where lion, cheetah, and leopard stalk their prey.

Luxury Kenya Safari Packages: Our Top Picks

The luxury safari itineraries offered by Kabira Safaris in Kenya encompass an extraordinary array of experiences, including remarkable indigenous culture, palm-lined coastlines, and wildlife.

Wildlife Safari in Masai Mara Kenya

3 Days Masai Mara Luxury itinerary
This three-day, two-night excursion from Nairobi includes road transportation to the reserve and up to four private safari game outings. An additional option for the excursion could be a stopover at a Maasai village. In Masai Mara, full-day wildlife drives are available without additional cost on the second day of the itinerary.


10 Days in Kenya Luxury Safari
Kenya is a land of contrasts, where one can partake in exhilarating activities such as safari game excursions and gain insights into non-profit endeavors. It is a close-knit community headed by women, situated amidst a picturesque landscape and an abundance of wildlife. Furthermore, the geographical features of the nation undergo transformation, ranging from bustling metropolises such as Nairobi, the capital, to pristine national parks and coastal areas. Kenya is an ideal destination for a 10-day adventure because it is one of the most thrilling countries in Africa and offers a little bit of everything.

kenya wildebeest jumping river

4 Days Masai Mara Luxury Itinerary
This four-day road excursion through the Maasai Mara National Reserve, which departs from Nairobi, provides guests with an unforgettable safari experience, quality lodges or camps, and six private game drives within the primary reserve. This excursion is well-suited for visitors arriving in Nairobi via morning flights from the United States, United Kingdom, or India, as it does not necessitate an overnight stay in the city before the safari.

Wildlife in Kenya - Mikumi National Park

12 Days Luxury Kenya Safari
Kenya and its neighboring countries are an exceptional location to indulge in adventurous activities and broaden one’s horizons regarding the wonders that East Africa has to offer. In this multicultural region, one can enjoy the seashore, observe the circle of life, and immerse oneself in the cultures of other African cities. This excursion will encompass destinations beyond Nairobi, including Diani Beach, Mombassa, Malindhi, and Lamu. Generally speaking, Kenya has a great deal more to offer beyond Nairobi; I would be delighted to assist you in this bush-to-bush experience.

Migration Wildebeest in Tanzania - Kenya

10 Days Luxury Kenya Tanzania Itinerary
This ten-day safari provides the opportunity to explore various well-known national parks in East Africa, in addition to the lesser-known yet intriguing Solio Game Reserve. In Kenya, Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru are home to extraordinary fauna, while Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti are home to similar splendor. Sail on safari for seven nights in an intimate and exclusive tented camp.

Lake Nakuru National Park group of zebra

Masai Mara And Lake Nakuru Safari
This tour, which includes Masai Mara and the picturesque Lake Naivasha & Lake Nakuru National Park, is most likely the best way to spend five days in Kenya. It provides opportunities for thrilling activities, such as a boat safari, and offers excellent wildlife viewing, all within the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. A standard itinerary for a safari is detailed below. Prices may differ based on the month or season of travel. For example, prime season is from July to October, whereas off-season is from April to mid-June.

Elephants in Amboseli National Park

3 Days Amboseli Safari
Large expanses of sky and distant horizons coexist with arid and powdery terrain and marshy springs, all of which are traversed by hundreds of animals. Two clear water springs in the center of the park channel an inexhaustible underground water supply filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from Kilimanjaro’s ice cap and leading to Amboseli. However, the climatic pendulum can sway from drought to flood, and Amboseli became a swamp in the early 1990s due to the ceaseless rainfall. A few years later, the grass-covered plains were reduced to dust due to the failure of the precipitation.

List of National Parks in Kenya and Game Reserves

7 Days in Kenya itinerary
An excursion to Lake Nakuru en route to Samburu Aberdares and Mara is included in the Standard luxury safari itinerary. This 7 Daya Kenya safari begins with a morning pickup from your Nairobi hotel or airport and continues for six hours to Samburu National Reserve, with a stop at the equator line in Nanyuki town near Mount Kenya, followed by a brief game drive to Samburu.

The Unedited Kenya Safari Reviews from Clients

Client: Linnaea

Magical and more than I could have dreamed of.

Nov 2022 • Friends

This Safari was incredible. Our driver and guide, Joseph, was knowledgeable about the animals and was very kind to us. He has an impressive ability to find the animals you have an interest in and provides all the time you need for photos and observations. The teamwork between him and the other guides to find the animals is impressive as well; they communicate over CB radio. When we would join another vehicular to watch a cheetah moving her kittens or Lions mating, Joseph was respectful of other groups but would also position our land cruiser so that we could see quite well.
Joseph has been doing this for 10 yrs; we could definitely tell. His predictions of what animals were doing or were about to do was impressive. He also found a leopard for us, which is apparently quite rare in the Maasai Mara; what a beautiful animal.
The Land cruiser has UV protected windows (so nice when you’re from Alaska and not used to this degree of sunshine.) It was also clean and has pretty awesome suspension in comparison to another land cruiser we were in the previous week. The padding is in good condition as well, so there were less bruises 🙂 standing to get a better view while trucking down the bumpy Mara roads was pretty fun too.
The accommodations we chose were through Simba & Oryx Nature camp. It was quiet, very close to the park and quite beautiful. They truly position the tents in a way that provides seclusion. The people here incredibly friendly, the masseuse, Winnie, is wonderful to talk to, very talented and kind. The chef makes incredible food, probably the best I’ve had in Kenya so far.
The balloon safari company that Kabira Safaris Utilized was quite good as well; friendly and professional team and pilot. I highly recommend for a magical morning. It’s quite an early time to leave camp (4:20 am) as you have to drive quite a ways into the park to reach the balloons, but worth it. I can’t imagine having a better balloon ride anywhere else. We saw many animals, which is never guaranteed, but we were lucky to see a cheetah and a rare rhino that morning, and again on the ground after landing. There were many balloons taking off in the area at the same time, so it made for some beautiful footage.

I cannot recommend the company more. We had no plans for the last few days in Kenya and plan to continue to work with this company for those days as well since they have left such a lasting impression. Thank you to Sharon, Joseph and Kabira Safaris & Tours Agency!

P.S. I booked through email directly to the company, Sharon was quite prompt with replies and answers to my questions.

Experience A Luxury Kenya Safari

NEWEST Safari Camp in Kenya / Our FAVORITE After Visiting 25 Camps

An African excursion in Kenya surpasses all your preconceived notions regarding an expedition to East Africa. Awaken in a deluxe tent camp in anticipation of a day of immersion in the local cultures or game viewing to observe the Big Five.

The fully customized Kenya luxury excursions offered by Kabira safaris grant access to the finest offerings at renowned destinations including, but not limited to, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Great Rift Valley, the iconic Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, and Tsavo National Park. Not to be missed are Mount Kenya, the second-highest peak in Africa, and the annual Wildebeest migration, an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that takes place on a global scale.

A luxury safari in Kenya is an absolute necessity due to this magnificent nation’s capacity to enthrall even the most seasoned travelers with its hospitable inhabitants, multicultural metropolises, and world-class game reserves and lodges. Ensure that the Maasai, an authentic ethnic tribe of Kenya renowned for their distinctive decorative attire and customs that have come to represent Kenyan culture, greet you with warmth and hospitality.

Delight in a luxurious safari through Kenya, from the forest to the shore, with excursions designed specifically for you by the specialists at Kabira Safari.

Kenya Luxury Travel Experiences

An extraordinary variety of exploits and a wide array of experiences round out a luxury safari in Kenya. An extensive selection of activities has been curated for individuals of all ages, encompassing thrilling safari encounters in Kenya’s most awe-inspiring national parks and private game conservancies, as well as immersive indigenous cultural excursions guided by the nation’s foremost authorities.

  • Game Drives

A luxury safari in Kenya organized by Kabira Safaris is incomplete without private game excursions. Approach Africa’s Big Five and perhaps even uncover the seldom-seen Africa’s Small Five game animals.

Elevate your Kenya safari experience to unprecedented heights. Sail high above the nation’s verdant landscapes and flourishing fauna in a captivating hot air balloon excursion.

  • Elephant Orphanage Visit

Gain insights into the conservation initiatives underway in Kenya and experience the daily life of an elephant guardian. Our luxury Kenya safari can transport you to elephant sanctuaries that are community-owned and have a positive influence.

  • Nairobi Art Galleries and Museums

Explore the most prestigious art galleries and museums in Kenya. Reputable galleries showcasing everything from indigenous to contemporary art can be found throughout the nation; they are not to be ignored.

Annually, a migration of over 2 million animals occurs across the Masai Mara. Kenya offers the most opulent and vast animal migrations that can be witnessed during a luxury safari.

Explore Kenya’s indigenous culture by visiting a traditional Maasai village. The ideal combination of cultural immersion and education, your luxury safari in Kenya is conducted by an expert guide.

  • Out of Africa Picnic

Savor an exquisite selection of regional gastronomy and oenological specimens at a renowned locale reminiscent of a scene from your favorite film. A genuinely intimate experience that provides the opportunity to appreciate a meticulously curated picnic amidst the marvels of Kenya’s wilderness.

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