Affordable Luxury African Safaris: Step By Step Guide Updated 2024

The 7 best steps on how to Book Affordable Luxury African Safaris. There are various ways to experience the finest that Africa has to offer while making sure you get exceptional value for your money. An African safari can be pricey, but it’s worth every penny. Here’s how you can make luxury African safaris affordable.

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Why do safaris typically cost more than other types of vacations?

We go on safari to have the opportunity to see some of the rarest wildlife in the planet and to explore uninhabited nature. These two are located in remote locations, and it is precisely this isolation that makes the logistics of managing a luxury safari camp more difficult and expensive than they would be in an urban setting – as well as more expensive to travel to.

It’s important to keep in mind that the greatest African safari hotels provide all-inclusive rates. Along with lodging, meals, snacks, and drinks, it also includes the services of a knowledgeable guide, as well as occasionally a spotter or tracker, who is committed to showing you everything their location has to offer.

Additionally, a small camp with, say, 12 to 24 beds might contribute to the sustainability and conservation of thousands of hectares of wilderness.

How to Plan An Affordable Luxury African Safari

1. Travel outside of peak season

Peak season travel has its attraction, but because there is more demand during these seasons—which typically coincide with popular holiday times like school breaks and Christmas—prices for safaris rise. The more popular locations will be less crowded and your luxury African safari will cost less if you travel during Africa’s green season.

Contrary to common opinion, you may still see phenomena like the Great Wildebeest Migration during the green season; it doesn’t end just because everyone is back at work! Game viewing is still superb, if not excellent, during this time. Instead, the animals carry on with their round journey, and with the correct assistance, you may be present and fully immerse yourself in this experience. You can learn more by reading about the ideal seasons for a safari in Africa.

2. Take advantage of travel deals

The majority of lodge operators provide discounts, which typically include longer stays, visits to a certain group of lodges within a portfolio, or travel during the (already discounted) green season.

These could be stay-pay offers (such stay four nights and just pay for three), or they might even come with complimentary local flights. With assistance from Kabira Safaris, you can strategically combine numerous offers to plan a safari that is exceptionally affordable.

3. Get familiar with lodge classing

When it comes to safari lodges, there are many levels of luxury, ranging from “premium” to “ultra luxury.” Although they are all undoubtedly lavish, the price difference could be by as much as 300%!

For instance, Sand River Masai Mara in Kenya, a superb lodge in a beautiful location, might cost up to 65% less than Sasakwa in the Serengeti, an ultra-luxury lodge. Consider ‘premium’ rather than ‘ultra-luxury’ safari lodges to reduce the cost of your luxury safari.

4. Choose the luxury of experience

Who wouldn’t want to stay at one of the top safari lodges in the world on a luxury safari? The advantage of having a distant place to oneself, benefiting from a private guide’s specialized knowledge, or experiencing a true safari setting in a minimalist camp with first-rate service, are, in our opinion, the greatest forms of luxury.

We at Kabira Safaris take great pleasure in giving our customers access to these experiences. Take our fly-camping safari in southern Tanzania, which is a completely luxurious experience and a highly economical method to get exclusivity and seclusion in the African bush.

5. Travel less, stay more

Naturally, high-volume, low-cost airlines do not provide service to remote locations. To reach there, you must either drive a great distance or take a scheduled or private charter flight in a light aircraft. As a result, transportation is a significant factor in the price of your safari; the more you travel, the more you pay.

While you may get to see more on a safari itinerary with an average stay of two nights per lodge, you also spend more time traveling, which drives up your prices dramatically.

At Kabira Safaris, we strongly advise four nights per lodge, with a minimum of three. This increases the cost of a luxury safari while also increasing its appeal. Less time is spent packing and unpacking, giving you more time to unwind and enjoy everything that a location has to offer.

6. Use the advice of an expert

It’s been mentioned before: Africa is a large continent. Even the best personal investigation won’t be able to uncover the entire range of alternatives for an ideal safari.

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