Cheapest Flights to Burundi, Bujumbura Airport

Cheapest Flights to Burundi, Bujumbura Airport – Burundi is a small country, but its tourist attractions are well worth the trip. Kibira National Park, the Rusizi Forest Reserve, the Origin of the Nile, and the Nyungwe National Park all lie within Bujumbura, the capital city.

There is only one international airport in the country, and this is named Bujumbura International Airport:

Bujumbura International Airport (BJM), which is situated just outside the capital and serves an annual average of 85,400 passengers. Burundi is a pleasant destination between June and August and again between December and January, when the weather is warm (17-23 degrees Celsius) and the roads are acceptable with a 4×4.


Flights to Burundi, Bujumbura Airport

Air Burundi, Rwandair, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenyan Airways, Brussels Airlines, and TMK Airlines from the Democratic Republic of the Congo are just few of the airlines that fly into and out of Bujumbura. The national airline of Burundi, Air Burundi, operates special flights to both the Kigali airport in Rwanda and the Entebbe airport in Uganda.

Additionally, Brussels Airlines provides service across the Atlantic via Brussels. Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Interlink, and Rwanda air Express all operate flights to Dar es Salaam from outside, but unfortunately these are frequently the only domestic flights available.

Ethiopian Airlines serves the airport in Bujumbura (IATA code: BJM) with flights from Washington, DC, Boston, and New York. Nairobi, Kigali, and Entebbe all offer nonstop flights to Burundi. South African Airways, Air Mauritius, and Emirates all require one or two stops en route to their destinations from Johannesburg.

Plan your trip to Burundi now and save big! Visiting Bujumbura is crucial and may be arranged through a variety of online tour operators and travel agencies (Kabira Safaris & Tours). However, Burundi does not have any domestic flights.

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