Arshley Brian Biography -Senior Birding, Wildlife & a Botanist African Guide

Lead Guide Kabira Safaris

Arshley is a friendly young man born and raised in Uganda’s most visited National park (Queen Elizabeth National Park).

where his father worked as an interpretive guide. Arshley’s interest in wildlife started when he was just 7 years old as he enjoyed watching wild animals that always roamed around his family home.

Through this early passion Arshley Brian then underwent academic studies and after completing at an advanced level with good results he was awarded a free scholarship at International University Of East Africa where he pursued a Bachelors Degree In Tourism Operations and Forestry the course he believed to have studied with passion.

Before working for any tour company Arshley’s father ensured he acquires enough knowledge by training him on all of East Africa’s birds, tree species, good defensive driving skills, mammals and overall knowledge on tourist attractions which turned out to make Arshley a unique and well equipped guide.

Arshley Brian is a qualified member of the Uganda Safari Guides Association and the Uganda Bird Guides Club. Arshley is an enthusiastic Bird Guide who has attended several bird watching courses and boasts a personal identification level of 974 bird species!

Arshley participated in the 2016 Uganda’s Big Birding Day where he was the second best and was recognized on the First African Birding Expo as Uganda’s youngest Tour Guide. Arshley’s favorite bird is the Green-breasted Pitta

Arshley Brian Biography Senior Birding, Wildlife & a Botanist Kabira Safaris Guide
Arshley Brian - Kabira Safaris Lead Guide
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