Best Kenya Family Safari Holidays & Bespoke Child-Friendly Tours

Kenya is a perfect destination for a family safari holiday and Packages. Plan your Kenya Family Safari with Kabira Safaris. Best Kenya Family Safari Holidays & Bespoke Child-Friendly Tours. The safety of the country in recent years has manifested in its ranking as one of the finest family destinations in Africa. The all-year good weather conditions, abundant wildlife, the family-friendly beaches, and the country’s vast experience in catering to the needs of families with youngsters further boost the country as a fine destination for family safari holidays.

Finding Elephants in the Shadow of Kilimanjaro | Amboseli, Kenya

A Kenya Family Safari Package creates unforgettable memories that can’t be found anywhere else, with the country having a lot to offer to the visitors. The real feel of Africa can be experienced with travel to Kenya, forgetting the rest of the world, Africa offers the real experience of the wilderness where the youngsters can have great opportunity to unleash their imagination and explore the real world. Driving almost within arm’s reach of elephants, lions, and the cheetah is an experience that will last in your child’s memories forever and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Kenya Family Safaris – Perfect For Families

For what reasons do wildlife safaris work so well with families? What gives our kids such a soft spot for furry friends? Is it possible that when we observe a mother cheetah with her cubs, we recognize a part of ourselves? Does the sight of that herd of elephants guarding their young as they make their way to a watering hole make us think of our own maternal tendencies?

Whatever it is about animal families that makes us feel safe and secure is amplified when we bring our own families along on safari to experience the beauties together.

A family safari is an incredible opportunity for everyone involved, from the youngest travelers to the oldest, to learn about and appreciate the African landscape and its inhabitants.

In order to tailor your Kenya Safaris experience to your family’s needs, your personal travel agent will inquire about your children’s ages, hobbies, and the types of animals and activities you hope to see during your trip. A safari tailored to your family’s interests and requirements is what we offer.

The Massai Mara Reserve is a great example; not only can large cats captivate children and even the most jaded teenagers, but the park also provides many options for exploration. If you want your kids to experience a culture that’s completely different from their own, take them on a hot air balloon safari over the park or take them to a Maasai community. They might even be invited to participate in a classic jumping dance!

Near Nairobi, at the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, visitors of all ages may marvel at the dozens of infant elephants as they play in the mud, drink from enormous bottles, and even kick soccer balls!

Even the youngest members of your family will be amazed by the natural wonders they encounter when they unexpectedly come across a gazelle herd in a clearing. This experience is sure to spark a lifetime fascination with wildlife and our role in the environment.

Children as young as elementary school can join our seasoned guides on nature walks as “Junior Rangers,” learning about the savannah’s unique wildlife, plants, and noises up close and personal. Additionally, a number of our lodges provide babysitting and children’s clubs that include storytelling sessions.

A safari has the unique ability to disconnect your kids from their gadgets, so they will have an experience that is truly out of this world. Being in close proximity to a lion is sure to inspire any adolescent to take a break from their phone and see the amazing world outside of TikTok.

We can also help your teen find conservation programs, local events, and volunteer opportunities to help out with wildlife.

What are the major highlights of a family safari holiday in Kenya?

Family Safari Kenya

Family Safari with Kids in Kenya

The abundant wildlife in Kenya including all the Big Five will offer a great opportunity for wildlife sighting on game drives on Masai Mara Safari, in addition, you can also have a chance to watch abundant birdlife that is usually splayed over the glittering lakes of the rift valley, drifting over the vast plains on a scenic hot air balloon flight, going on guided bus walks led by red-robed Maasai warriors and hand-feeding giraffe at the well – known Giraffe Manor and when not within your reach, kids can also participate in junior rangers programs that offer unforgettable experience such as learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, making fire with sticks or casting animal tracks in plaster. A family can have a view of the spectacular sunrise over Mount Kenya or else relax on long miles of sand beaches along the Indian Ocean.

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Family Beaches

I assume you’re familiar with Serengeti and Masai Mara, but are you familiar with Diani, Mombasa, and Zanzibar? The beautiful beach resorts in Tanzania and Kenya are the final ones.

In addition to seeing exotic animals, your African family safari can also take you to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Your children will have a blast playing with turtles, dolphins, and large schools of vibrant tropical fish at this spot that is clean, unspoiled, and perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

This spot is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving; it’s also clean and uncrowded, so your kids will have a blast playing with dolphins, turtles, and schools of vibrant tropical fish.

Tips For A Successful Kenya Family Safari

Vaccinations: Inquire about necessary immunizations with your doctor plenty of time before you leave. In addition to your regular prescriptions, make sure to bring along sunscreen and bug repellant.

Family Safari Guides: Take the time to inquire about our guides’ backgrounds, education, and expertise. A fantastic safari is incomplete without an excellent guide.

Family Activities: To make sure that all of your children have fun and stay involved, you should find out what kinds of activities are available for each age group.

Safety for Family Safaris: How does the organization ensure the safety of its clients on the safari, in transportation, and at lodgings

Family-friendly Safari Accommodations: Of course, you should look for spacious and pleasant accommodations that are suitable for families. Plus, organize fun things to do, like dancing around the boma, that the whole family may enjoy.

Packing For Family Safaris: Travel light; for both hot and chilly mornings and afternoons, wear neutral-colored clothing that will not show safari dust. Bring along light clothing for the kids.

Cameras: The kids, in particular, will have a blast capturing images of “their” native animals. In order to have a better look at the animals up close, Africa Kenya Safaris also provides binoculars.

Expectations: Before going on safari, the whole family should have a conversation about their expectations for the trip. As a family, we can reflect about our role in the natural world and the need of protecting wild animals.

How special is Kenya?

We Can’t Believe This Happened On Our Kenya Family Safari!

Kenya is one of the two countries in East Africa where unaltered Annual Migration of mammal grazers occurs. Annual Migration is an all-year event where mammal grazers with over a million wildebeest, thousands of zebra and gazelles move in pursue fresh water and pastures to graze on. In Kenya, the Great Migration occurs in the Masai Mara National Reserve, located in the southern part of the country at the southernmost boundary that doubles as an international boundary between Kenya and Tanzania.

The long journey of the Annual Wildebeest Migration with other mammal grazers is usually concluded in the Masai Mara National Reserve, and they congregate here in large numbers before they migrate back to the Serengeti in Tanzania. The great migration can be seen all year round however, the Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara reaches the climax between the months of June to November, and many visitors visit the Reserve during these periods of the year.

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