Rwanda Reopens For Tourism

Rwanda Reopens Tourism with Discounted Gorilla Permits

Rwanda Reopens Tourism with Discounted Gorilla Permits & COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Rwanda Reopens Tourism for Domestic & Charter flight tourists

Rwanda reopens Tourism and announces discounted Gorilla Permits (US$ 200) and COVID-19 Safety Guidelines to be followed by domestic and charter flight tourists. Rwanda has reopened national parks and other tourist sites with Gorilla trekking permits discounted to as low as US$ 200 for Rwandan and East African citizens residing in Rwanda. Foreign residents will now buy a Rwanda Gorilla Tour permit at US$ 500 rather than the US$ 1500 that was the cost. Commercial flights are not yet open to come into the country, however, tourists who can come into the country on charter flights can visit as long as they fulfill the set safety guidelines. 

Rwanda Reopens Tourism‌ ‌with ‌Discounted‌ ‌Gorilla‌ ‌Permits‌

Rwanda Reopens Tourism‌ ‌with ‌Discounted‌ ‌Gorilla‌ ‌Permits‌

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) announced the reopening of tourism activities as well as the resumption of international travel for charter flights, effective 17 June 2020. They also stated that the wellbeing of all travelers is a priority and therefore robust health and safety guidelines have been put in place. 

Belise Kariza, the Chief Tourism Officer at the Rwanda Development Board stated that;

“Rwanda’s tourism industry is adapting to create a safe environment for travelers and operators, in order to thrive in these unprecedented times. We encourage all travel enthusiasts and nature explorers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to venture out and experience the beauty and adventure that our country has to offer.”

Rwanda Reopens Tourism and puts up promotional Gorilla tracking Permit costs and sets very strict safety precautions to be followed by domestic tourists and international tourists who arrive on charter flights. Here are guidelines on the set guidelines each tourist should be aware of.

Promotional offers available until 31st December 2020 in National Parks 

  • Promotional Gorilla permits are available at USD 200 for Rwandan and East African citizens residing in Rwanda. Foreign residents will purchase permits at USD 500 and International tourists coming with charter flights will pay USD 1500 for a permit. 

The Domestic Tourism promotion pricing for Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park is as follows;

  • Nationals, EAC nationals residing in Rwanda – USD 200
  • Foreign residents – USD 500 
  • International tourists – USD 1500
  • Corporates/Organizations – 10% discount on bulk purchases i.e. 30 permits
  • Families – 15% discount for family visits (couples and children over 15 years old)
  • Tour/Hotel Operator Rates – 15% discount for each permit purchased that includes 1 night in accommodation and tourism activity

Note: Promotional Gorilla trekking prices are inclusive of COVID-19 test cost and will be valid until 31st December 2020 (subject to availability)

  • Special packages are available for groups, families, and corporates on other products in Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park. For any other Rwanda safari activities in Volcanoes National Park other than Gorilla trekking and activities at Nyungwe National Park, the following discounts are applicable;
  • Nationals, Foreign residents, EAC – 30% discount on groups of 10 where applicable
  • Nationals, Foreign residents, EAC – 10% for individual travelers
  • Corporates/Organizations – 30% discount on bulk purchases i.e. 30 permits
  • Families – 15% discount for family visits (couple and children)

Safety Measures to be followed as Rwanda Reopens Tourism 

  • Domestic tourists visiting Nyungwe and Volcanoes National Parks are required to test negative for COVID-19 within 48 hours prior to visiting these attractions. The results should be presented at the parks’ reception. 
  • A private test center has been set up at Petit Stade, Amahoro National Stadium in Kigali, by appointment only. Other test centers outside Kigali will be communicated as demand grows.
  • The cost of the Covid-19 test for the domestic market (Rwandans and Foreign Residents) will be included in the parks’ permit prices.

Specific Safety Guidelines for International Tourists 

  • All visitors traveling by charter flights are expected to test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours prior to arrival. Tourists will take a second COVID-19 test prior to visiting any tourist attraction. The following options are available;
  • Tourists can take the first Covid-19 RT-PCR (Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) test in the country of origin at an ISO certified laboratory, 72 hours before departure and the second test will be taken upon arrival at Kigali International Airport. They are required to submit the results of the first test to the following address ( before departure and also upon arrival at Kigali International Airport. They will be expected to wait 8 hours for the results of the second test at designated hotels in Rwanda. This is applicable to direct flights only.
  • Tourists who are not able to test in their country of origin have the option to be tested twice in Rwanda: The first test will be taken upon arrival at Kigali International Airport while the second test will be taken 48 hours after the arrival. Tourists will only be expected to visit tourist sites after two consecutive negative tests and will wait for their results at designated hotels.
  • Departing visitors will also be offered a COVID-19 test at the airport.
  • While in the country, visitors and flight crew members are expected to abide by guidelines of the Health Ministry and specific guidelines for tourists attractions including National Parks.
  • For any emergency, question, and/or feedback related to COVID -19, please call toll-free number 114.

Guidelines to be followed by Rwanda National Parks 

In addition to general guidelines, the following recommendations apply to the national parks:

  • For Akagera National Park, vehicle tyres and tourist footwear must go through a disinfection bath at the entrance. Tourists should carry hand sanitizers in their vehicles whilst visiting the park.
  • Other activities in Akagera National Park will also ensure physical distancing:
      • Boat trips: will accommodate a maximum of 6 (six) people and the guide
      • Night drives: only 1 (one) group will be permitted, with a maximum of 6 (six) people.
      • Day guided game drives: maximum of 6 (six) people per vehicle allowed.
  • Tourists are required to maintain a distance of at least 10 meters at all times while visiting primates in Nyungwe and Volcanoes National Park.
  • For Gorilla visits, a group of 6 (six) tourists will be permitted for a maximum of 1 (one) hour for every visitation. For Golden monkeys, a group of 12 (twelve) tourists will be permitted for a maximum of 1 (one) hour for every visitation. For chimpanzees, a group of 8 (eight) tourists will be permitted for a maximum of 1 (one) hour for every visitation.

Note: These guidelines will be updated as new services/activities are re-opened and guided by the risk assessment by MoH.

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