Car Rental Uganda

4×4 Car Rental Uganda ($75/day) with Driver Guide Uganda

Car rental Uganda Car hires out vehicles for Uganda safari purposes as well as for any other desired travel within the borders of Uganda.

Car rental Uganda hires out vehicles alongside a driver guide or on self-drive with an option for you to choose from a Land cruiser double cabin for camping, Land cruiser with a roof top or Toyota RAV-4.

Car rental Uganda rents out very well maintained vehicles that are regularly serviced to ensure you have a comfortable drive. All the vehicles have Air conditioning that you use as you would desire.

4×4 Self-drive Car rental in Uganda

Taking self-drive allows you to go to your desired destination at your own pace with a chance to stop at desired destinations and have breaks as you desire. Self-driving in Uganda comes with guidelines that you can easily follow as you use the vehicle all through the time you have rented it.

Uganda can easily be explored on a self-drive by non-residents who are visiting the country. The main routes and high ways to the major towns and tour destinations can be found on the google maps. However, you should be very careful with the minor routes that may not be visible on the google maps.  Ugandans are very friendly and when taking a self-driving trip through the country you can always ask for directions to get to your destination. English is widely spoken all through the country and therefore very possible to get someone to help you out.

Some of the tips to follow when taking self-drive in Uganda include driving during the day hours, having extra fuel (gas), having contacts of mechanics in your area (you can ask for this when renting the car) and having breaks and enough rest in between long distances.

Car Rental Camping Gear Uganda

4×4 Car rental with a driver guide in Uganda

Renting a car in Uganda with a driver guide helps you reach your desired destinations stress free. The driver will be there to ensure your drive to your destination until all the days you intend to have the car with you.

In case you are not familiar with driving on Ugandan roads, then renting out a car alongside a driver will surely make it easy for you. Car rental Uganda will always ensure you have a descent guide who will suit your interests and make sure it is worthy.

For tourists intending to visit tour destinations like national parks, a knowledgeable safari tour guide will be availed to you and this will make it easier for you to have game drives in the national parks. Having car rental with a driver guide in Uganda is also very helpful when it comes to getting to use most of the services in the country that you may not be aware of.

Car rental in Uganda with camping gear

Camping travelers can also rent cars with us at Car Rental Uganda as we offer the affordable vehicles and also affordable camping gear. Camping is such an amazing wilderness experience that some travelers may be interested in and also want to hire a cheap car.

For camping gear these can be added onto the vehicle at very affordable costs. Available camping gear include, tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pad. Camping gear is only rented out to individuals who have hired a car with us.

Car rental in Uganda with camping gear

Car rental in Uganda with a road map

A road map in this case is a travel itinerary or details of how your intended travel can be done. Car rentals in Uganda with a road map is best for travelers who are renting a car in Uganda especially for the first time and they do not know of the exact travel routes. The road map helps you with details of how you can drive with advice and suggestions. A road map can also be suggested for a person who wants to travel through Uganda but does not have an idea of the possible stops along the routes or the best accommodation facilities enroute.

An itinerary can also be drafted for an individual who wants to tour Uganda but has no idea of how to have the perfect trip. To have the most suitable trip, you can communicate to us early and we draft a perfect itinerary for you with all desired kinds of destinations as well as activities included.

If you are interested in having a tour itinerary drafted for you, below are a few ideas of what an itinerary in Uganda can be;

Car rental in Uganda with a driver guide, camping gear and road map

Car rental in Uganda can also be done combined with hiring camping gear and accompanied by a driver guide with a road map for you. This way of renting a vehicle is perfect for those individuals who have long trips and need a lot of help to get around. This is the easiest way of moving around the country for camping travelers.

Car rental with a driver guide in Uganda

Car rental in Uganda with accommodation

Car Rental Uganda does not only ensure that you have a desired kind of car to drive but also helps with other needs during the travel if need be. After a long drive, you may want to have a good meal and rest at a safe place for the night. When requested we can help suggest for you the best accommodations according to your road map. These accommodations can be booked in categories as luxury, mid-range or budget.

Renting a car alongside your accommodations helps you travel with comfort knowing that your room is set for a comfortable stay through the night before you embark on another drive the next day.

All the above options are available for Car rental Uganda and an individual is free to combine any of them and inform us of their desires when booking.

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