Serengeti Safari Cost: Budgeting for an Epic Serengeti Tour

How Much A Serengeti Safari Costs: Serengeti National Park is arguably one of the world’s oldest and largest wildlife conservation areas. Many tourists who are contemplating a trip to Serengeti inquire about the price of a safari. However, the total cost of your safari excursion depends on a number of factors. These variables include the type of lodging, the number of travelers, the preferred mode of transportation (road or air), the length of your journey, the season, and the inclusion of additional activities.

For example, complete package prices range from USD 550 per person for a 3-day budget tour (with a group of six people in a vehicle) staying in a budget camp to USD 1950 per person for luxury accommodation on a similar Serengeti safari. Each of these factors will be analyzed in depth below.

The Cost Of A Serengeti Safari

How to Calculate Serengeti Safari Cost in Tanzania

Mode Of Transport

The mode of conveyance to the reserve also has a substantial impact on the total price of your Serengeti safari. Compared to traveling by road, flying to Serengeti from Arusha is more expensive, but also more convenient and faster, particularly for shorter safaris such as an overnight or two-night trip. For solo travelers, flying to Serengeti is less expensive than traveling there, unless they are able to join a group on a road safari, which reduces the cost.
Auric Air, Coastal Aviation, and several other reputable regional airlines offer daily scheduled flights to Serengeti from Arusha Airport.
The average flight time from Arusha to Serengeti is one hour, but the actual time depends on the number of intermediate stops (known as ”hops”) made to drop off or collect up passengers at various airstrips. A one-way flight costs between US$ 200 and US$ 250 per person, while a round-trip flight costs between US$ 300 and US$ 450 per person, taxes included, depending on the season and availability.

In Tanzania, 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser Jeeps are the most common form of road transportation for safari tourism.Typically, these are Toyota Landcruiser Jeeps that have been converted into safari vehicles by adding pop-up game viewing roofs [front and rear], safari customization, UHF radio communications, and suitable seating. Additionally, some vehicles include air conditioning and electric cooler cases. Safari Jeeps are more proficient off-road and slightly more comfortable over rougher road sections.
Note that the price is dependent on the vehicle’s maximum capacity. Depending on the season and availability, a Landcruiser safari vehicle costs between $250 and $275 per vehicle per day.
Transport costs on your safari are quoted per vehicle, not per passenger. The journey from Arusha to Serengeti takes roughly five to six hours. The road from Arusha to the main gate has been completely paved or bitumen.


Top 10 Hotels, Lodges & Tents in Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa

Your choice of lodging has the greatest impact on the expense of your Serengeti safari. The park provides an extensive variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets. The various types of accommodations range from budget adventure camping to upscale tented sites to ultra-luxurious safari lodges. In addition to the type of accommodation you select, the number of days you plan to remain and the time of year you visit (prices are higher from July to October) also affect the cost of your accommodations.
A luxurious Tented Camp, such as And Beyond Klein’s Camp or Nawiri Plains, will cost approximately US$ 300 per person per night and US$ 600 per person per night during high season.

A mid-range luxury safari lodge such as Serengeti Serena Lodge will cost approximately US$ 150 per person per night during the off-season and US$ 300 per person per night during the high season.

There are also tent campgrounds available for $100 or less per person per night. You may also choose to camp in tents, which is even cheaper, but this is a very rudimentary campsite with your own tents and minimal amenities.

Number Of People Travelling (Group Size)

As a general rule, the greater the size of the traveling party, the cheaper it is for everyone, because the costs are shared as opposed to when only one or two people travel. Also for family travel, the age of children affects the cost of your safari, as children under the age of 12 pay a reduced rate, whereas children under the age of three are permitted free of charge in nearly all lodges and camps in Serengeti.

Duration Of Your Safari

The price of your Serengeti safari also depends on the duration of your trip. Therefore, it is recommended that clients with a limited budget spend the minimum prescribed time of three days in the reserve. Low season (April to early June) will likely enable you to spend less on a longer safari, as accommodation costs are substantially lower and the park is less crowded with tourists than during peak season. This is the prime season for the wildebeest migration, which occurs from July to September. Budget permitting, we recommend spending at least four days (three nights) in Serengeti to fully explore the park. This will include enough safari game excursions for you to see a great deal of wildlife at a leisurely pace, as well as enough free time at your camp. In the African wilderness, traveling ”Slow” has distinct advantages.

Time Of The Year

Your Serengeti Safari cost depends on your travel dates as well. Peak season is typically when the Great Wildebeest Migration occurs, as this attracts a large number of tourists to Serengeti, making it more expensive to procure rooms due to the increased demand. Peak season stretches from July to October. Clients on a tight budget are advised to avoid the high season and instead visit during the low or shoulder season (January to March), when prices are lower and rooms are more readily available and when there are fewer visitors.

Park Entry Fees

At the gate, an Entry Fee is required to access Serengeti National Park. The Park Entry Fees are determined by the tourist’s domicile status, i.e., Citizen, Resident, or Non-Resident.

Tanzanian citizens are required to present confirmation of citizenship, such as a valid national ID or passport. Residents are Tanzanians with valid documentation from the Tanzanian government, whereas non-residents are primarily foreign visitors. Please be advised that identification is required prior to entering the park. The Park admission costs

Non-Residents and Residents are charged USD 00 per adult per 24 hours and USD 00 per minor under 15 years of age. In addition to the Park Fees, there are Concession Fees applicable to those lodging at any lodge, camp, or hotel within the park.

Additional Activities

Some clients opt to include activities such as a Maasai Village Visit, Hot Air Balloon Flight, Night Game drives (if staying outside the main reserve), Bush breakfasts and dinners, Nature Walks and Guided Safari Walks, and Horse Riding in addition to the standard Serengeti Safari package, which typically includes transportation from and to Arusha, safari game excursions, accommodation and meals, and park entry fees. These activities are quite thrilling and will enhance your trip, but they come with an additional fee.
The price of a Serengeti hot air balloon trip ranges from $515 to $600 per person, depending on the camp or lodge from which the flight departs.

Maasai Village Visit prices range between US$ 30 and US$ 50 per person, inclusive of return transfers from your overnight Safari Lodge or Camp, the services of an English-speaking driver-guide, and village contribution fees.

Other Factors

In addition to the factors outlined above, there are additional factors to consider when calculating the cost of your Serengeti safari, including travel visas, travel insurance, international plane tickets, tips, laundry, souvenirs, and beverages.

In conclusion, with some basic planning in accordance with the aforementioned factors, we can tailor your Serengeti Safari costs to meet your budget while ensuring you have an unforgettable experience, regardless of whether you are a solitary traveler or a group.

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