Greystoke Mahale Camp, Rates, Chimp Trekking Safaris, Reviews

Greystoke Mahale Camp, Rates, Chimp Trekking Safari, Reviews. What else is there to say about Greystoke Mahale? One of the finest and most well-known camps in Africa is this one. Leaving the chimps aside, this camp is far more adventurous and wild than some visitors anticipate. I’ve always thought that Greystoke Mahale is much more than just a chimpanzee trekking vacation.

Nomad Tanzania is the owner and operator of Greystoke Mahale. It is a sister camp to Nomad’s Chada Katavi, and we believe a safari that includes both camps is one of the best safaris we provide. It is undoubtedly highly exciting, and it may even change your life. Greystoke has been given a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor and routinely gets excellent reviews. The lodging is reserved on a full-board basis, which includes all meals, a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and a laundry service. Please be aware that the camp will be closed for maintenance from mid-March until early June.

Anne Curtis stayed here, too | Room tour | Greystoke Mahale

Access & Location of Greystoke Mahale Camp

The camp is at least 60 kilometers from any road, so visitors must take a 90-minute dhow trip on Lake Tanganyika after an up to 312-hour flight from Arusha to get there. Mondays and Thursdays are when flights are offered. Greystoke is located on a stunning stretch of white sand lakeshore, with the spectacular Mahale Mountains serving as the backdrop.

Greystoke Mahale Camp

Greystoke Mahale Camp

Accommodation & Facilities at Greystoke Mahale Camp

There are six guest bandas, all of which are two-story buildings set far apart in the forest that encircles the lake’s beach. Each banda is constructed from reclaimed dhow wood and palm tree thatch, wonderfully integrating with the surroundings. Up a flight of stairs is the bedroom area. The bandas have open fronts, so this integrates with the deck area. There are two wooden benches, a writing desk and chair, a double bed or twin beds with mosquito nets, bedside tables, and illumination in this room. There are also two sun loungers. For privacy, the front of the banda has a pair of thick curtains that can be closed and locked. The dressing area, which is behind the bed or beds, has storage furniture in it. There is a lockable chest and clothing-hanging area. There is a restroom further back that has a flush toilet, a washbasin, and a shower. The banda’s upper level has additional seating, accessible by steep steps made from an ancient canoe. This area can serve as a child’s bedroom in one banda.

The famous camp at Greystoke Mahale, a wood-and-thatch banda on the beach, houses the lounge and eating areas of the resort. The lodge has two storeys, just as the visitor bandas. It has no closed sides, allowing fresh breezes to enter. The lounge has cozy chairs arranged around coffee tables and a variety of books. A long table and chairs in the campaign style are located in the dining area. Everyone eats together while conversing about their experiences in Mahale and the surrounding area during the camp’s superb buffet breakfasts and light lunches. After pre-dinner beverages at the magnificent “Sunset Bar,” three-course dinners are also offered in the dining room.

This can be situated on some rocks at the end of the beach, and it’s the ideal spot to enjoy sundowners every day! On the top floor of the lodge, there is a reading area as well. Additionally, there are several board games and stunning views of the lake waters here.

Activities At Greystoke Mahale Camp

CHIMP TREKKING at Greystoke, Mahale!!! 🐵🐒 | TANZANIA, AFRICA

  • Chimp trekking is the main activity to do at Greystoke Mahale Camp! These typically begin in the morning, and each visitor is always accompanied by a knowledgeable park scout and guide.
  • The Mahale Mountains’ woodlands allow for an amazing hiking excursion with lots of wildlife sightings to enjoy. Here, nine different primate species—including the beautiful red colobus monkey—live in amazing numbers.
  • There are also bushbuck and bushpig, hundreds of colorful butterflies, and an exhilarating variety of birds, including crested guinea fowl, harrier hawks, and jovial red-capped robin chats.
  • The duration of the trek might range from 20 minutes to 3 hours, and even longer!
  • The chimpanzees visit the camp throughout the months of August and September and live on the lower mountain slopes. They’re fascinating to watch, wherever you see them.
  • Additionally, the camp provides lake-related activities like dhow excursions, kayaking, and beach time.
  • Exciting chances to see the lake’s fauna, which includes crocodile and hippo, are provided by dhow excursions.
  • Catch-and-release fishing is another option.
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