Swimming With Turtles Sanctuary Zanzibar: Everything to Know

A half-day excursion to swim with nungwi turtles at the Baraka Natural Aquarium can begin at any time during high tide.

There is a natural lagoon teeming with sea turtles in the northern part of Zanzibar. After purchasing the turtles from the fishermen, the folks at Baraka Aquarium release them into the lagoon’s fresh ocean water. Join sea turtles for a once in a lifetime swim.

While you’re there, you have the option to swim with the turtles or feed them sea weed. Another option is to use a snorkeling mask and observe them while they’re underwater.

Zanzibar – swimming with turtles! The best experience in my life

Itinerary Details

Everything from transportation to snorkeling gear, a knowledgeable guide, snacks, and emergency medical services is included in this trip. Morning, noon, and afternoon are the segments that make up the voyage.

Morning Heading to Nungwi

We have comfy rides to take you up from your Zanzibar accommodation, and our tour guides will fill you in on all the important details, like:

Security And Safety briefing

  • Protecting you is our top priority. So, you’ll get the rundown on how to handle marine species, including turtles, and how to use snorkeling gear.
  • Stops, routes, and amenities will be communicated to you.
  • The data could be different depending on the situation and the path.

Boat Ride to Turtle Hapitate

  • Embark on a brief yet picturesque journey to Turtle’s homeland on a traditional dhow boat. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of the water and to feel one with nature. Spectacular scenery and, if you’re fortunate, majestic marine life await you as you sail across azure waters.
  • When the sun is brightest, which is between morning and midday, you may observe marine life up close. Your journey will be remembered for the unforgettable moment of pure joy and delight.

Midday – Swimming with Turtles in Nungwi

swimming with turtles zanzibar

As we approach Karaba Aquarium, prepare to be captivated by a breathtaking natural phenomenon: the graceful gliding of enormous and stunning sea turtles. On your swimming with turtles tour, you will see:

  • Snorkeling Equipment: We provide high-quality snorkeling equipment that is safe and comfortable.
  • Guided Encounter: Our guides will dive with you, lead you to the turtle aquarium with these magical creatures, and ensure you keep a safe distance.
  • Marine Magic: Keep your eyes wide open because, with turtles, you have an encounter that will last forever turtl. Turtles are also curious to meet the humans looking for them. It may surprise you.
  • Underwater Exploration: Turtles in Nungwi are the trip’s highlight, but you can also find various marine species, aquatic plants, glorious fishes, and wild sea creatures. During your short underwater stay, don’t forget to observe beautiful coral formations.

Afternoon: Return Journey

We finally settle down at Nungwi beach as the sun begins to turn orange, but the excitement of adventure never ends.

  • Lunch at the beach: Treat your body with healthy and deliciously cooked seafood. It will take away all of your tiredness to refill your energy. You will love this culinary delight, freshly cooked in the Local Zanzibar spices.
  • Leisure at the Beach: With a bellyful of lunch, you will have enough time to roam around the coast of Nungwi. Key things to enjoy at this stop are a refreshing sea breeze, a leisure stroll, or a gentle sunbath.
  • Interact with local culture: People from Nungwi island are friendly and responsive. While wandering around the Island, you can chat with locals and learn about traditions, history, and delicious recipes.

Leaving the beach behind, we will take you to our main hub, from where we will drop you off at your apartment, leaving you with memorable memories.


  • Conservation fee
  • Swimming with turtle: Our tour guide will lead you to the turtle land and ensure your entertainment
  • Guides: Skilled and knowledgeable tour guides will accompany you
  • First, Aaid medical assistance: To counter any unfortunate event, we will provide necessary first aid medical assistance.
  • Interaction with local people: Interaction with locals creates connections and loveable memories of your life.
  • All government taxes
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