Prison Island Zanzibar And Nakupenda Beach Tour Guide

Prison Island, a mysterious haven with a rich past, lies off the coast of Unguja. An intriguing day excursion that complements a broader Zanzibari itinerary, Prison Island is famous for its colony of Aldabra giant tortoises and the remnants of a previous hospital and prison.

Prison Island, at a Glance

Prison Island – Zanzibar, Tanzania

As an excursion to Zanzibar might take you to Prison Island, a little island in the Indian Ocean located 5.6 kilometers northwest of Stone Town, Unguja. The island is 800 meters long and goes by other names than just “Changuu.” Changuu is the Swahili word for a fish that lives in the waters around the island.

In spite of its idyllic appearance, Prison Island has a dark past. Before it was given to two Arab slave owners in the 1860s by the first Sultan of Zanzibar, Majid bin Said, jail Island was deserted and used as a jail for mutinous slaves.

Lloyd Matthews, the first minister of the United Kingdom, bought the island in 1893 with the intention of constructing a jail there. Construction of the prison ended in 1894, although no prisoners were ever kept there.

British East African territory utilized Prison Island as a quarantine island in the 1920s. Patients were watched for 1-2 weeks before they were allowed to leave the hospital, which was housed in the old jail facilities.

Beautiful Nakupenda Beache

With ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling, Nakupenda Beach has earned a reputation as one of Zanzibar’s best beaches. But if you’d prefer not get wet for the three or four hours we’ll be here, you may relax on the beach and take in the peaceful scenery while keeping an eye out for dolphins. One more enjoyable thing to do is to just go around the island. You may find hiking trails and view all sorts of birds.

Zanzibar – Nakupenda paradise island

Bananas, watermelon, coconut, mango, pineapple, and other fresh local fruits, as well as a selection of drinks, will be waiting for you when you arrive to Nakupenda Beach. After that, throw down your beach blankets and soak up some rays from the Tanzanian sun or go for a swim.

After that, you’ll have a tasty seafood buffet lunch. Instead of just eating lunch, our beach picnic at Nakupenda is a gourmet adventure through the many flavors of Zanzibar. After a cool drink and some local fruits to stave off the Tanzanian heat, it’s time for lunch, and the seafood buffet has everything you could want: prawns, octopus, lobster, calamari, and more.

After lunch, you’ll have extra time to relax on Nakupenda Island and take in the scenery, wildlife, and sunshine. After an exciting and entertaining day, we’ll return to Stone Town for the day’s conclusion at 2:30. After that, you’re free to return to your hotel for a well-deserved afternoon siesta.

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