Mnemba Island/Stone Town/Kendwa Itinerary: 9 Days in Zanzibar

Mnemba Island/Stone Town/Kendwa Itinerary: 9 Days in Zanzibar. On a private island, under the twinkling stars, you can dance the night away. As the soft waves of the Indian Ocean caress the powdery white beaches, you may relax in elegance. Drift into dusk in a wooden dhow while immersing yourself in Stone Town’s exoticism. This is Zanzibar, a paradise island where one can lose themselves in love and imagine a world without problems. This luxurious getaway includes a private island stay for three nights, a two-night stay in Stone Town, and a three-night beach stay near Kendwa.

JAMBO ZANZIBAR | Stone Town, Kendwa Beach, Nungwi Mnarani Aquarium, Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island/Stone Town/Kendwa Customizable Itinerary

Day 1: Mnemba Island – Bubbly Upon Arrival

Upon touching down in Zanzibar Town, your journey westward via deserted islands and sandbanks will begin shortly. This location, which lies between the mainland and Zanzibar, offers protection from the ocean winds and is a veritable rainbow of hues. The seclusion of Mnemba makes its charm immediately apparent the moment you arrive. Within, you’ll find a forest floor covering, but at the shore, you’ll only see stunning white sand. There is a solitary resort situated on the island, accommodating a mere 24 people. Your cottage, sheltered by trees and with a view of the beach, will be a perfect representation of the Indian beach getaway.

Just relax, take a deep breath, and listen; this place is peaceful. Since the seas are more akin to a lagoon than an ocean, you won’t hear any waves. Once the cork is popped, you’ll be able to relax in the solitude. If you’re in the mood for grilled lobster or some excellent wine, just give room service a call. The island looks just as picturesque as the pictures show, and it has entertained famous people like Mick Jagger and Bill Gates. A couple can get away from it all here and enjoy some quiet time together.

Day 2: Mnemba Island – Sunset Dhow Cruise

As you explore the island today, you can get up and go for a walk, maybe even splashing around in the shallow seas. Walking around it will take less than an hour. Your private dining area will be the setting for a customized breakfast that includes anything from Bloody Marys to coconuts plucked from the tree. A coral garden is a great spot to go snorkeling because it slopes off the beach and is easy to reach from the shore. If you’d like to scuba dive, your stay on Zanzibar includes two dives each day and access to many of the island’s best dive spots. If you’d like, you can also go kayaking.

The traditional boats used to navigate the waters of Zanzibar have always been wooden dhows. Floating serenely around the archipelago, these wind-powered wooden boats are a sight to behold. Today is the day you will embark on a private sunset cruise. You can plan longer adventures if you like because the dhow will be at your disposal the whole time. At full moon, the beach is even more picturesque after dark; the moonlight casts a gentle light that is perfect for carefree strolls.

Day 3: Mnemba Island – Snorkeling, Diving, and Kayaking

Snorkeling at Mnemba Island, Zanzibar

By this point, you should have gotten into the groove of life on the island, and the third day is at your leisure. The sister island of Zanzibar, Mnemba, is even more laid-back than the former. The bungalows are dispersed over the island, so you may select from a variety of water activities, go for walks on the beach, meet other guests, or simply relax in the peaceful atmosphere. Although the Maldives and Seychelles are more well-known for their eastern islands, the archipelago of Zanzibar is just an hour’s flight from fantastic African safaris and promises the same seclusion and escape.

Day 4: Stone Town – The Romance Continues

Your skin will be slightly sunburned after three days on the beach, and you might be ready for a change of scenery. Private boat transportation will take you back to Zanzibar Town, where you can settle into one of the numerous narrow alleys to reach Stone Town, a World Heritage Site known for its distinctive coral dwellings. Prior starting embarking on a personalized walking tour, you will ascend to the rooftop for picturesque views. In the House of Wonders, the splendor of a palace will be unveiled. The Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church, just down the street from Malindi Mosque, will have gentle bells that will accompany the muezzin’s call to prayer. As you make your way down the narrow streets, you could hear distant sounds or rely on your sense of smell to lead you, especially as you approach the Darakani Bazaar.

Here you can find large quantities of spices. Darakani has changed very little over the ages, so you may still experience the thrill and allure of a medieval market. The elaborately carved wooden doors, which serve as symbols of the household’s wealth, will astound you as you continue to explore Stone Town. Some conceal secrets, such as the one at Tippu Tip’s House. Some, like the Hamamni Baths, provide a glimpse into Persian architecture. At nightfall, Forodhani Gardens comes alive with street vendors selling delicious food. Alternatively, you may grab a glass at a rooftop bar and watch the breathtaking sunset.

Day 5: Stone Town – Aromatic Spices and Cocktails

Predominantly, slaves and spices were exchanged on Zanzibar. On the way to a spice plantation—not the most picturesque sight—but a great chance to learn about the island’s fascinating past—a slave cave offers a somber moment. Your sense of smell will then become paramount on the plantation. Every part of the farm has its own strong aroma, which will enchant your senses as you visit the grounds. You can expect to smell cardamom, vanilla, cloves, lemongrass, turmeric, pepper, and more. You will be surrounded by aromas and colors on a half-day excursion. You can peruse the boutiques and antique stores upon your return to Stone Town. Rooftop eateries in town are top-notch, and there are plenty of coastal spots for cocktails as well. Alternatively, you can remain in the hotel and continue enjoying the seclusion you’ve enjoyed for the past several days.

Day 6: Kendwa – Back to the White Sand

Approximately one hour north of the island’s northern tip is where you’ll find a modern lodge where you may relax on the white beach. The island’s most picturesque beaches are located in Zanzibar’s northernmost regions. Nungwe Beach is the island’s most well-known and developed beach destination. The sands are wider and there are fewer hotels in Kendwa, which is just a few miles west along the coast. From Kendwa, where your lodge is, you can continue walking west. You will have stunning views of the bay from your whitewashed pavilion. The resort’s pavilions are nestled within the trees, ensuring complete seclusion for all guests—all while being within a minute or two of the beach.

The beach, like the rest of Zanzibar, is not meant to be private. Having said that, the beach is virtually deserted save for a small group of fisherman from the neighboring town, and there are no other resorts in the area. Spend some time lounging in your pavilion, exploring the tropical shallows, or walking to Kendwa. Incorporating architectural elements influenced by local Arab and Persian styles, your suite will include a private pool, a shaded deck, an outdoor bathroom under the stars, and more. Your very own personal butler will attend to your every need, and if you’d like to sink even further into the peace and quiet, the spa is second to none.

Day 7: Kendwa – A Day on a Wooden Dhow

Zanzibar KendwaBeach – Sunset Dhow cruise

There will be three days at your leisure in Kendwa, but we’ve also included one day aboard a wooden dhow that you can utilize anyway you choose. When you charter a dhow for your private voyage, you can go to sandbanks and tiny islands, snorkel and dive sites, or simply drift around looking for dolphins. Based on your preferences, your cruise can be anything from an hour to a full day, and you can bring your own food and drinks on board. Sail east to pass the world-famous beaches of Nungwe and Zanzibar, then turn west for the best sunset views. You might use this day with a dhow either yesterday or tomorrow. If you’re hoping to see dolphins, the best time to do it is during sunrise, so that’s another option to think about.

Day 8: Kendwa – Private Zanzibar Beach

By the time you leave Kendwa, you will have absorbed every aspect of island life. You can have breakfast delivered to your room and enjoy it at your leisure, maybe even while dipping your toes in the pool. The next step is to visit the beach, where you can stroll all the way to Nungwe or simply swim and marvel at the blue waters. On top of that, you can go fishing with a local guide or go snorkeling.

The only thing to consider when walking or swimming is when the tide goes out, as is typical in Zanzibar. Long walks are best enjoyed at low tide, while swimming is best enjoyed at mid tide and higher. You can utilize Kendwa as a jumping off point to discover more of the island, including the Jozani woodland monkeys or the Rock restaurant. Because of Kendwa’s northern location, it is recommended that such visits be scheduled during your transfer from Stone Town to Kendwa to maximize efficiency.

Day 9: Zanzibar Town – Departure

A leisurely morning awaits you, followed by a sumptuous brunch. It will end soon, and you should start planning to wear shoes again. Take it easy this morning before your airport transfer takes you back to Zanzibar Town for your departure flight in the early afternoon.

End of the Mnemba Island/Stone Town/Kendwa Itinerary

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