Singita Kataza House Facts, Activities, Safaris, Rooms, Reviews, Photos, Videos

Singita Kataza House Facts, Activities, Safaris, Rooms, Reviews, Photos, Videos. Singita Kataza House is a high-end, exclusive-use home offered by the safari business Singita, located close to the breathtaking Volcanoes National Park. From gorilla trekking to sightseeing tours of the city, you can do it all.

Kataza House, Singita’s smaller but no less brilliant sister property to Kwitonda Lodge. The space may accommodate up to eight guests for private usage. Everything from your room to your meals to your drinks to the house manager, chef, house staff, and laundry service is included in the fee you pay. The home will be accessible at all times of the year.

Singita Kataza House

Access And Location

Outside of Volcanoes National Park, on 72 hectares of private land with meadows and wetlands, is where you’ll find the home. The trip from Kigali International Airport will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car. Helicopter trips from the airport, followed by a short drive to the property, will be accessible too.

Accommodation & Facilities at Singita Kataza House:

Four suites are available, each with space for two persons. The two larger suites (the master and junior master) are located somewhat removed from the main hub, whereas the two smaller suites are virtually directly close to the common buildings. Overall, the resort does a great job of blending in with its natural surroundings thanks to its use of local materials and its many wooden pathways that connect the individual suites to the common areas. There are currently no photos available of the suites, however Singita does say that the interiors have been designed with a focus on handcrafted touches. As soon as new details become available, we’ll provide an update here. In the meanwhile, we know that the master bedroom will include a private pool, an iPad, and Wi-Fi access, and that each suite will have a beautiful en-suite full bathroom. A two-bedroom staff house is also available.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge & Kataza House Launch

Communal facilities at Singita Kataza House will be equally well-appointed. Luxurious indoor and outdoor lounge and eating areas, as well as an interactive kitchen where guests can help prepare meals, are on the agenda. Spa services, including massages and facials, will be available upon request in addition to the wine cellar, media room with mini cinema, gear room, and massage room. All major public spaces will have Wi-Fi installed. The expansive grounds will have a fire pit and an indoor swimming pool. In addition, guests can use the golf cart provided to travel to and from the adjacent Kwitonda Lodge, where they can take advantage of the lodge’s common facilities. Luxury lounge and eating facilities, a wine cellar, a boutique, an art gallery, and a media room are all available exclusively at Kwitonda.

Activities at Singita Kataza House:

Singta Kataza House will offer an exhilarating variety of activities, as follows:

Expertly guided gorilla treks: There is a mandatory age restriction of 16 for this event. Guests will leave the residence at 7 a.m. to arrive at the Volcanoes National Park headquarters for a briefing. Trek durations will vary from just two hours to an entire day, depending on the whereabouts of the gorillas. How much rain a park has gotten will also affect the forest’s topography. Your trip into the jungle will seem well worth it once your guide has identified the gorillas and you’ve had a chance to watch these majestic beasts in their natural habitat.

Golden monkey treks: Volcanoes National Park is where you’ll go on these hikes, too. A knowledgeable guide will also be present to assist them.

Musanze cave trek: These 32 caves, accessible by a hike of up to 2 kilometers, are a veritable treasure trove for budding geologists.

Cycling tours: Alternatively, visitors can get a bird’s-eye view of the area by taking a bike tour.

Chef’s tours: Visit a small village and learn about the delicacies of the region on one of these tours.

Local market tours: Trips to the neighborhood market are a fascinating way to learn about local customs and traditions.

Information talks: The house features a conservation lounge ideal for pre- and post-trek discussions. You can also peruse maps, books, pictures, and movies.

Kwitonda nursery tours: During these excursions, knowledgeable personnel will explain the sustainable practices they use to serve the local community and emphasize the importance of the ‘farm to table’ philosophy.

Birding: There are hundreds of different bird species to see in the forest and on Kataza’s grounds. Bring your binoculars with you!

Photography sessions: In order to make the most of their photographic abilities, guests are encouraged to make use of the house’s various photo-editing tools.

Cookery classes: During your stay, professional chefs will be available to give you a crash course in traditional Rwandan cuisine.

Wine tasting: Guests can partake in a wine tasting while picking some useful information about the region’s wines.

Children’s activities: There will be a special explorers’ program, as well as golden monkey treks, nursery visits, village tours, arts ‘n’ crafts, culinary workshops, films, games, birding, and more for kids who are too young to go on a gorilla trek.

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