Night Game Drives In Masai Mara (A thrilling Experience)

A thrilling experience, Masai Mara’s night game drives offer a great chance to see nocturnal species, which are more active at night than during the day. Aardvark, Leopards, Hippos, Bat Eared Fox, Silver Backed Jackal, Honeybadger, Striped Hyena, Banded Mongoose, Cape Hares, Porcupines, Civet cats, Aardwolf, and Owl are a some of the nocturnal animals you might observe.

Please Note: Only a few private conservancies, including Mara North Conservancy, Mara Naboisho, Siana, Trans Mara, and Olare Motorogi Conservancy (placed just outside the Masai Mara National Reserve), enable night game drives. These are not permitted inside the main Masai Mara National Reserve.

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Night Game Drives In Masai Mara

The normal period for these night game drives is between 7 and 9 p.m. (to begin the game drive), with a typical duration of 2 hours. Therefore, the night safari at 9 p.m. would happen after dinner, whereas the safari at 7 p.m. would happen before dinner. It should be noted that private vehicles are not allowed on unaccompanied night game drives, and in the majority of places, a licensed guide and driver are required to accompany visitors and conduct the night safari in accordance with the local conservancy guidelines. In reality, the majority of places require you to reserve the night game drive through the lodge or camp where you would be spending the night.

The night safari game drives fees and price varies depending on the conservancy concerned and is exclusive of park / conservancy entry fees. Generally prices range from US$ 100 to US$ 200 per adult per night game drive. Child rates are applicable. For pricing and to verify availability at suitable camps or lodges where this activity is provided to guests, travelers interested in booking a night safari while visiting the Masai Mara should get in touch with us.

The 4×4 Land Cruiser or Land Rover vehicles used for these night wildlife drives are driven by knowledgeable local guides and equipped with strong lights for nighttime visibility (these lights are fitted with animal-friendly red filters). Some of these tour guides in the Masai Mara are knowledgeable native Maasai wildlife guides. Your driving guide or local guide will always give you a briefing on the activities before your game drives, depending on where you are staying.

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