Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost | How Much is a Safari in Tanzania?

Are you wondering how much is a Safari in Tanzania? – How much does a Tanzania safari cost? In general, the Price of a safari to Tanzania may vary depending on the package you will prefer. The home of an African thrilling adventure in Tanzania. From the top wildlife sighting in remarkable national parks with all the African Big Five spiced with the Great Wildebeest Migration to beach life, relaxation is absolutely phenomenal!!!  Tanzania has three safari circuits, and each one of them, in its own right, would make the country a top wildlife destination. Safaris in Tanzania are popular ones on most travelers’ bucket lists for an African trip.

Romantic Safari in Tanzania

On Tanzania Romantic Safari

On your Tanzania Safari, the Northern circuit with the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater is a must-visit in the country since they offer one of the best classical safaris in Africa, especially if timed with the annual wildebeest migration.

Tanzania Safari Cost

Are you wondering how much is the cost of a Tanzania safari? – How much does a Tanzania safari cost? In general, the cost of a safari to Tanzania may vary depending on the package you will prefer. Kabira Safaris offers a wider range of safari Packages to Tanzania from which you can choose. Our safari packages include the mid-luxury that starts from $2250 to $5000 per person which probably lasts for 4 to 5 days in the Northern Circuit National Parks.

The cost of African Safari

Our costs are inclusive of ground transfers, professional guides, meals, and park entrance fees, however, the costs exclude international flights and other additional activities that are not mentioned in the itinerary.

Our other safari packages include Budget Packages which costs around $ 200 USD per person per day. Midrange Price: is from $ 350 USD per person per day. Tanzania Luxury Safari Price is $ 600 USD per person per day.

Singita Grumeti, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Luxury Safari in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

The cost of a full Tanzania Safari Package includes all administrative fares, all ground transfers in a comfortable 4*4 safari pop up roof vehicle, all accommodations fares, park entrance fees where applicable, hiking equipment where necessary, balloon ride fees where applicable, rangers fees and drinking water.

The above are the main influencers of the costs of Tanzania safaris. The other factor however also influence the cost of a Tanzania safari and include the following;

  • Number of travellers – when planning your safari to Tanzania, the number of people is also a great influencer on the costs of your trip in such a way that the higher the number of people, the higher the cost of your Tanzania safari,
  • Duration – the duration also to some extent dictates the price of the Tanzania safari in a way that the longer the duration, the higher the cost of your Tanzania safari
  • Time of the year – different periods of the year offer different prices for different support services such as accommodation. During the high seasons and peak seasons, the cost of Tanzania safari always tends to be high compared to the low seasons when there are few travellers in the country.
  • The standard of accommodation facilities one desires – depending on which type of traveller you are, a different range of accommodation is available from which you can choose. The accommodation ranges from luxury, mid-range and the Budget

How much does it cost to Travel Tanzania for a month?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does the Safari in Tanzania cost?

A trip to Tanzania ranges from budget to luxury and costs an average of $ 200 to $ 600 per person per day. All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget

how much does Serengeti Safari Cost?

How much does it cost to go to Serengeti? On average, a safari in Serengeti National Park can cost between $2,500 USD (budget) and $7,500 USD (luxury). Booking a safari with Kabira Safaris provides the advantage of eliminating expenses as most amenities and permits are included in the price of the tour.

Why is Tanzania so expensive?

Are you wondering why a Tanzania safari cost so expensive? The fact that Tanzania is a top destination, its parks value exclusivity as well as the authenticity of the wild makes it a little expensive. The country also receives large numbers of visitors thus the high costs of the services.

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