Photographic Safaris in Congo – Best Gorilla Photo Tours

Photographic Safaris in Congo – Are you trying to find the best way to use your lens, the answer is just right here, take the challenge to Africa, a photographer paradise and record your iconic and outstanding moments in an African safari and keep the African wilderness memories alive forever. A mere step on the untamed continent stimulates photographer tourists and will have you salivating.

A Photographic safari to the Republic of the Congo

A photographic safari to the Republic of the Congo is a true adventure with several attractions to get your lenses to. Your photographic safari will be more spiced with viewing the Western Lowland Gorilla as well as other lowland rainforest mammals. There are three primary National Parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo to take you in your rainforest adventure, Odzala-Kokoua and Nouabale-Ndoki in the north and Conkouati-Douli in the south along the coast. The exclusive Virunga National Park and Nyiragongo National Parks are however the most famous safari destinations in the country, holding remarkable numbers of wildlife. To keep the jungle moments alive is absolutely fantastic.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the top safari destinations in Africa with real untamed African wilderness. The country is also one of the only three countries that inhabit the remaining population of the endangered mountain gorillas. Capturing moments as they happen in the jungle with these massive creatures is absolutely fantastic.

Having amazing face-to-face contact with the great and shy endangered Mountain Gorillas, Eastern Lowland Gorillas is an ultimate encounter hard to forget for the rest of your life. What an expedition to be part of, it’s beyond beholding these apes while embracing their natural habitats to capturing plenty of stunning photos and videos. Therefore, Gorilla Photo Safaris & Tours in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a worthwhile and rewarding adventure not to miss while on a trip to Africa. Kabira Gorilla safaris with their expert Tour leaders are here to make your dream African Photography Safari come to pass.

Photographic Safaris in Congo
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