A Complete Guide to Odzala-Kokoua National Park Experience

Visit the lowland gorillas’ natural habitat as part of your dream Odzala-Kokoua National Park Experience Congo itinerary. Take pleasure in kayaking across breathtaking waterways while viewing the magnificent forest elephant. There is little question that these river excursions are among the finest in all of Africa! People seeking something out of the ordinary will love this fantastic journey because it gets you away from the crowds.

Specific highlights of this Odzala-Kokoua National Park Experience:

  • The lungs of Africa and home to the world’s second-largest rainforest!
  • Across the Congo Basin’s complex landscape of rivers, bais, savanna, and woodlands, an epic adventure unfolds.
  • Odzala is primarily concerned with study and conservation because it is home to endangered and rare species.
  • Exciting variety of activities available, including trekking with gorillas, game drives, walking through forests at night and during the day, kayaking, and boating.
  • Perfect for individuals looking for an exhilarating adventure that challenges them to step outside their comfort zone

Journey into the Congo: an Exploration of Odzala

Overview of the suggested Congo safari lodges and activities:

There is so much to see and do in the Congo that a 10-night safari is the way to go. You get a little more time in each of the three big camps. Your lowland gorilla trekking adventure will begin and end at Ngaga Camp, where you will spend the first four nights. You may stay in one of these fantastic treehouse lodges before venturing out into the jungle to see the gorilla families in their natural habitat. Ngaga is famous as “gorilla central” among natives, but it offers much more than that.

One of the best things to do is go on a night stroll, where you can observe unique wildlife that you won’t see anywhere else. The next stop is Lango Camp, where you’ll spend the next three nights. You will see the most buffalo herds and forest elephants here. A salt pan, or “bai,” is a marshy depression in the landscape that is home to a variety of animals, and the camp offers views over one. Here you can engage in a wide variety of activities, such as short walking safaris, more traditional game driving to observe local large game, and, of course, seeing the gorilla families.

A three-night stay at Mboko Camp awaits you on the final leg of your journey, where you will participate in walking safaris, wildlife drives, and world-class boating. Odzala-Kokoua National Park is home to an extraordinarily diverse ecology, and all three of these camps are either directly or indirectly located there. There are just a few camps in the area, so you’ll have the rainforest practically to yourself—the perfect “old Africa” experience!

Who is this Odzala-Kokoua National Park trip for:

Our trip/Odzala-Kokoua National Park Experience has been thoughtfully crafted and priced to cater to couples and honeymooners, who typically travel as a pair. Nevertheless, each and every one of our trips is customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. We may even recommend alternative lodgings if you are traveling as a large party or with a large family. After we talk about your wants and requirements, we can rearrange some parts and alter the duration; it’s totally up to you!

Detailed Itinerary: Odzala-Kokoua National Park Experience

Days 1-5 Odzala–Kokoua National Park

CLASSIC CONGO – Odzala Discovery Camps

Spending four nights in the middle of gorilla country is the first stop on your Congo adventure. Ngaga Camp is perched precariously on stilts above the rainforest floor, allowing guests to blend in with nature. Enjoy a more personal jungle experience in one of the six en-suite chalets at this camp, where you will also receive a warm greeting from the friendly lodge personnel.

The camp’s wooden buildings are designed to harmonize harmoniously with the natural surroundings. In addition, there is a fire pit and a “star deck” where you may host gatherings of friends and family and share stories about your day. Your journey to see the lowland gorillas in their natural habitat begins at Ngaga and continues into the Odzala rainforest.

Be ready for what might be a long day on the trail in search of the gorilla family, as the hike’s length is dependent on their precise location. The payoff, though, is getting to spend time with our ancient ancestors, which is one of the most incredible safari activities.

Days 5-8 Odzala–Kokoua National Park

Continuing on your plan, you will spend three nights in Lango Camp, which is farther into the jungles. Forest elephants, buffalo, gigantic forest hogs, and a plethora of primates you haven’t seen yet—the Tana River mangabey, Angolan talapoin, De Brazza’s monkey, and mantled guereza—come to life here.

The region’s breathtaking avian fauna is another reason for its fame. Beautiful views of the bai greet guests as they relax in their accommodations, which are situated on platforms with decks that wrap around them.

In a tropical rainforest, a treehouse is definitely the way to go! Indulge in delectable cuisine as you unwind in the lounge, bar, or dining spaces, all of which offer breathtaking views of the lake. Savor your meal while watching the resident herbivores nibble on their food.

Days 8-11 Odzala–Kokoua National Park

For the last three nights of your Odzala-Kokoua National Park Congo trip, you will be staying at Mboko Camp. Boating is the main attraction of this camp! In addition to a beautiful and tranquil lodge, this location is ideal for exploring the Congo Basin river systems on foot, by boat, or even in a kayak.

There are a variety of ways to go from one camp to the other: by boat (weather permitting), on foot, or even on exhilarating mountain bike routes! Night driving is fantastic, and you can spot serval, aardvark, and hyena hiding in the darkness.

Classic game drives are also available. Alluring cottages line the riverbank, where you can listen to the meow of irritated hippos and other riverine creatures at night, and the resort is situated adjacent to a bai, which draws in a plethora of local animals. A safari here is an enchanted experience!

End of the Odzala-Kokoua National Park Experience

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