Best Time to Visit Congo: A Month By Month Complete Guide

While the long dry season (May–September) is ideal for a Congo safari, the timing of your trip is completely dependant on the weather. Because of its equatorial location, the Congo has consistently high humidity levels throughout the year.

A lengthy wet season from October to December, a brief dry season from January to February, another brief wet season from March to April, and finally, a lengthy dry season from May to September make up the four seasons that make up the yearly weather forecast for the Congo.

Gorilla Trekking in the Congo (DRC) – Kahuzi Biega National Park

Month-By-Month Guide For Visiting The Congo

Visiting The Congo In January & February

The short dry season in the Congo includes the steamy months of January and February. The gorillas emerge from the depths of the jungles during these months, despite the dense layer of grey cloud that covers most of the Congo. The weather is drier, though. An ideal time to go on a gorilla safari in the Congo is right now.

Visiting The Congo During March & April

Almost every day in March and April brings the possibility of rain in the Congo, which is characterized by its brief rainy season. These months are typically scorching, even with the rain. If you want to avoid the crowds and save money on lodging and gorilla trekking in Congo, the months of March and April are your best bet. Keep in mind the possibility of rain when you pack.

Visiting The Congo From May To July

The long dry season begins in May, making it the ideal time to visit the Congo for trekking conditions that are ideal for soul-stirring gorilla encounters. On tours of the Congo in this one-of-a-kind region of Africa, you might see not only gorillas but also timid forest buffalo, elephant, bongo antelope, and, if you’re lucky, pangolins.

While the Congo experiences a little temperature dip in the winter, the humidity stays the same, and June is a very dry month. Because of the mild temperatures, this is a great month to visit the Congo in search of mountain gorillas. When compared to hiking in the summer or during the rainy season, these conditions are much more pleasant.

July is a classic example of a tropical winter month—it is the driest and coolest time of the year.

Visiting To The Congo From August To October

During the dry season, which begins in August, the Congo experiences its busiest season. For the most part, it remains cool throughout this time. In August, the Congo is home to the breathtaking Odzala National Park. Located in the northwest region of the Congo, this park is home to more than 400 species of birds and 114 different kinds of mammals, making it a fantastic place to go wildlife gazing.

Although the extended rainy season doesn’t officially start until October, there is still a possibility of rainfall in September, the first month of spring in the Congo.

Beginning in October, the nation has its lengthy rainy season that continues until the end of December, soaking the rainforests and the whole nation. If you are going to visit Congo at this season, it is advisable to plan accordingly because this rainfall can cause monsoons. In the woodland regions, birdwatchers can frequently see great blue turacos, green pigeons, and grey parrots in October, making it an ideal month for birdwatching.

Visiting The Congo During November & December

November is a particularly rainy month in the Congo, marking the conclusion of peak season and the beginning of the summer rains. Unless you’re up for a gorilla hike through impenetrable woods in the pouring rain and muck, this isn’t the best time to visit Congo.

The first month of summer in the Congo is December, and it can be hot, humid, and rainy at this period. By the end of December, the rain usually starts to taper off, and we can welcome the new year with less precipitation.

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