Masai Mara Safari Cost (A Detailed Guide With Examples)

How to Calculate Masai Mara Safari Cost in Kenya. The price of a mid-luxury Masai Mara safari package starts from $600 per person sharing per day. This cost is inclusive of accommodation on a full-board basis.

One of the best wildlife reserves in Kenya, if not the entire globe, is the Masai Mara National Reserve, which is well-known for hosting the annual big wildebeest migration. Many travelers who are considering a trip ask how much a Masai Mara Safari costs. The price of your safari excursion will depend on a variety of things. These variables include the kind of lodging, the number of travelers, the preferred mode of transportation (by land or by air), the length of your trip, the season, and the inclusion of extracurricular activities.

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For instance, full package prices range widely, starting at USD 450 per person for a budget 3 day Masai Mara safari (with a party of 6 people in a vehicle) staying in a budget camp, and going up to USD 1500 per person for luxury accommodations for a comparable Masai Mara safari. Each of these characteristics will be covered in more detail below.

How to Calculate Masai Mara Safari Cost in Kenya

1. Accommodation

The main factor affecting the price of your Masai Mara safari is your lodging selection. The reserve provides a wide variety of lodging choices to suit all budgets. The various types of lodging include everything from ultra-luxurious safari resorts to adventurous budget camping. Aside from the type of lodging you select, other factors that affect the cost of your lodging include how many days you intend to spend and the season of the year you visit (prices are higher during the summer months of July through October).

A deluxe tent camp, like Governors Camp or Mara Explorer, will run you about $300 or more per person/night in the off-season and $600 or more in the high season.

In low season, a mid-range luxury safari lodge like Keekorok Lodge will run about $150 per person per night and $250 per person per night. Additionally, you can locate inexpensive tented campers for US$100 or less per person each night. The cost of tent camping is still far less expensive, but the camp site will only have extremely limited amenities and your own tents.

2. Mode Of Transport

The method of transportation used to reach the reserve also has a significant impact on the price of your Masai Mara safari. In comparison to driving, flying to Masai Mara from Nairobi is more expensive, but it is also more convenient and speedier, especially for shorter safaris like an overnight or two-night excursion. Unless one is able to join a group on a road safari, which decreases the cost, flying to the Mara works out to be less expensive for solitary travelers than driving there. From Wilson Airport in Nairobi, a number of reputable regional airlines, notably Air Kenya, Safari Link, and Governor’s Aviation, operate daily scheduled flights to the Masai Mara.

The average flight time between Nairobi and Mara is one hour, although the exact time may vary depending on how many intermediate stops, or “hops,” the plane will make when it lands to drop off or pick up passengers at different airstrips. Depending on the season and availability, a one-way ticket can cost between $300 and $450 per person and a return journey can cost between $400 and 500 per person, including taxes.

There are typically two types of vehicles used for safaris on the road: 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser Jeeps or Safari Tour Vans, each of which may accommodate up to seven passengers. Due to their lower cost compared to other vehicle types, tour vans are the most popular form of transportation for safari tourists. It makes sense that the 4×4 Toyota Land cruisers cost more than the Tour Vans because they are larger, four wheel drive vehicles that provide a little more comfort during difficult road trips.

Keep in mind that the price is based on the car being fully occupied. For instance, transportation in a safari tour van will cost US$ 80 per person/day if there are just two persons in the vehicle. Therefore, the cost per individual to share decreases as the group size increases. Depending on the season and availability, a Landcruiser safari vehicle might cost anything from US$ 250 to 275 per car/day.

Note: On your safari, transportation is charged per vehicle, not per person. A five to six-hour trip separates Nairobi from Mara. The entire route from Nairobi to the main gate has been paved or tarred.

3. Number Of People Travelling ( Group Size )

As a general rule, the cost of travel is lower for everyone when there are more people traveling than when there are just one or two. Children under the age of 12 pay a discounted price, while those under 3 are generally admitted free of charge at practically all Masai Mara lodges and camps. This is also true for families traveling.

4. Duration Of Your Safari

The amount of days you intend to spend on safari will also affect how much your Masai Mara safari will cost. Therefore, it is advised that clients on a tight budget stay in the reserve for the minimum advised time of 3 days. You can definitely spend less for a lengthier safari during the low season (April to early June), when lodging costs are much lower and the reserve is less congested with visitors than they are during the high season. Remember that the peak season for the wildebeest migration is from July to September. In order to fully tour the park, we advise staying at least 4 days (03 nights) in Masai Mara. There will be enough time for relaxation at your camp as well as enough safari game drives to observe a variety of wildlife at a leisurely pace. In the African desert, moving slowly can have its advantages.

5. Time Of The Year

Your trip dates affect the price of your safari as well. Prices are typically higher during the peak season, which is typically when the Great Wildebeest Migration takes place. Because the Masai Mara has a significant influx of tourists at this time, it is more expensive to book lodging due to the high demand. From July to October is the peak season. Budget-conscious customers are encouraged to avoid the peak season and schedule their trips during the low or shoulder season (Jan to March), when rates are lower and accommodations are more readily available.

6. Park Entry Fees

One must pay an entry fee at the gate in order to access the Masai Mara National Reserve. The location of the lodge or camp that a tourist is staying at within the reserve, as well as their status as a citizen, resident, or non-resident, affect the park entry fees. Kenyan citizens are required to present identification, such as a current national ID or passport. Non-residents are mostly foreign visitors, whereas residents are people who are legally staying in Kenya and have official documents from the Kenyan government. Please be aware that identification must be shown in order to enter the Reserve.

The entrance cost is USD 80 per adult every 24 hours and USD 50 for children under 12 while staying at lodging inside the main National Reserve. If lodging is found further from the main reserve, the daily entry cost rises to USD 100 for adults and USD 65 for children. Both the Narok side of the main reserve and Mara Conservancy in the western corridor of the Maasai Mara are covered by this; however, for Mara Conservancy, it should be noted that people under the age of 18 are also eligible for the child rate.

7. Additional Activities

In addition to the standard Masai Mara Safari package, which typically includes transportation to and from Nairobi, safari game excursions, lodging, and meals, as well as park entry fees, some clients choose to include additional activities. These may include a visit to a Maasai village, a hot air balloon flight, night game drives (if staying outside the main reserve), bush breakfasts and dinners, nature walks, guided safari walks, horseback riding, and night game drives. These extra-cost activities are highly thrilling and improve your trip.

The cost of a hot air balloon flight in the Mara ranges from US$440 per person to US$550 per person, depending on the camp or lodge you fly from. The cost of visiting a Maasai village runs from $40 to $60 per person and includes roundtrip transportation from your safari lodge or camp, the services of an English-speaking driver-guide, and village contribution fees.

8. Other Factors

When calculating the cost of your Masai Mara Safari, you need also take into account additional expenses like a travel visa, insurance, international flight tickets, tips, laundry, souvenirs, drinks, and refreshments. Finally, we can tailor your Masai Mara Safari expenses to match your budget while still guaranteeing you have an outstanding experience whether you are a lone traveler or part of a group with some basic planning in line with the aforementioned parameters.

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