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Exclusive Adventures of a Lifetime: Go mountain Climbing, trekking/Hiking in Uganda. Choose the Best Hiking Safaris in Uganda 

Exclusive Hiking Safaris in Uganda or Mountain Climbing Safaris in Uganda sometimes referred to as nature Walking Safaris are popularly undertaken as hikers Go trekking to the Rwenzori Mountains, Volcano climbing, and Mount Elgon.

Uganda is an all-inclusive safari destination with a hiking spot for all kinds of hikers depending on your hiking ability.

Uganda Hiking Tours are a great way to see the several flora species, butterflies, and different Vegetation spread across the different altitudes.

Hiking Safaris in Uganda or the Rwenzori Mountains Climbing Tours are referred to as Walking Safaris. Go Trekking Rwenzori Mountains, Volcano Climbing, Mount Elgon Hiking Trips.

What are the Exclusive Hiking trails in Uganda?

For many hikers a memorable hike is one that is challenging, here are the best hiking trails (destinations) for Safaris in Uganda with hiking options for either long or short trips;

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What are the best trekking trails in Uganda?

For many hikers a memorable hike is one that is challenging, here are the best hiking trails (destinations) for safaris in Uganda with hiking options for either long or short trips;

  • Rwenzori Mountain Hiking – Trekking Safaris in Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori also referred to as the Mountains of the moon hosts the highest peak in Uganda at an altitude of 5,109m above sea level.

Mountain Rwenzori Trekking - hiking safaris in Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori trekking – hiking safaris in Uganda

These are the highest mountain ranges in East Africa though not the highest point. 

Rwenzori Mountains ranges vary on an altitude of 1615m – 5,109m above sea level.

The highest peak, Margherita on Mount Stanley is at 5,109m above sea level and can be hiked on an 8-day hiking trip depending on the hiker’s ability.

The hike to the summit takes the trails starting from Nyakalengija–Nyabitaba Hut–John Matte Jut–Bujuku–Elena Hut–Margherita peak. The descent takes the Margherita-Kitandara hut–Fresh Fields Pass–Guy Yeoman–Nyabitaba–Nyakalengija trail.

A short trekking trip can be organized at the Rwenzori Mountains for a different number of days including 1 day’s nature walk. Short trips do not reach the peak but are rewarding with lots of flora to see. 

  • Mountain Elgon Hiking – Mountain Climbing Safaris in Uganda

Mount Elgon on the Uganda-Kenya border is a family-friendly hiking destination with its highest altitude at 4,321m above sea level. For hikers, there are three popular hiking trails on Mount Elgon and these are the Sasa, Piswa, and Sipi trails.

Sasa trail of Mount Elgon is a 4-day hiking route to the peak starting from Budadiri-the trailhead. The Sasa trail is the original, shortest, toughest, and busiest route to Wagagai peak with the trek lasting about 4 days on a to and from the trek.

Mount Elgon Sipi trail is a scenic hike that takes about 4-6 days to hike covering 56km on a round trip. This is the longest trail to the peak setting off from Kapkwai Forest Exploration Centre. 

Piswa trail is a longer trail covering 49km with hikers spending seven days. Starting from the Kapkwata village on the north side of the mountain, it’s the gentlest trail.

This trail is most known for its wildlife and spectacular views of the Karamoja plains of northeastern Uganda and the Nandi and Kapeguria hills of Kenya.  

An optional way of hiking Mount Elgon is by choosing the transboundary hike from Uganda to Kenya then continue with a wildlife safari in Kenya. Nature walking safaris in Uganda are also a handy way of exploring the areas of Mount Elgon in just 1 day.

Mgahinga Volcano hike Best Hiking Safaris in Uganda

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park aside from offering Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda also has three volcano summits for hiking and these are Mt. Sabinyo, Mt. Gahinga, and Mt. Muhavura. 

The highest peak is Mt. Muhavura at 4,127m above sea level taking about eight hours of hiking time. Mt. Sabinyo peak summit is on an altitude of 3.669m above sea level, a 14km round trip on a steep ridge taking about 8 hours along a steep ridge.

Mt.Gahinga is the lowest and rises to 3,474m above sea level with a swamp-filled crater and giant lobelia. This trek takes climbers through thick bamboo forests with a possible chance of sighting the rare golden monkeys.

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  • Bwindi Forest Walking Safaris – Hiking Tours in Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the popular park for Uganda gorilla safaris but with its beauty, it’s also a great destination for nature walks.

Walking through the Bwindi forest can be done on different trails and these include the Munyanga waterfall trail, Rushura hill walk trail, Muzubijiro Loop trail, the Ivi river trail, and Buhoma-Nkuringo trail.

 The other trail is the Habinyanja trail that takes about 4-6 hours with lots of birds to be sighted on the trek. 

Hiking safaris in Uganda are not limited to the above destinations but can also be done in places like Mount Moroto in Karamoja, a hike to the top of Murchison Falls National Park, a hike to Kagulu hills in the Busoga region, and many more. Learn More

Mountain Trekking Packages in Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains Trekking

9 Days Mount Rwenzori trekking/9 Days Rwenzori Mountains Trekking/mountaineering/hiking itinerary to Uganda’s Rwenzori National Park is the ultimate hiking package to Margherita Peak. The actual hike from the foothills to the Margherita peak.

Rwenzori Mountains Trekking - Kilembe Trail Route

10 Days Rwenzori Mountains trekking Kilembe trail is also known as the “southern circuit”.  A trek through the Kilembe trail takes you through the sine hut (2,585 m), Kalalama hut (3.147m) to Mutinda Camp (3.688 m), Bugata Camp (4.062 m), Butawu Camp (3.974 m), Margherita Camp (4,485 m).

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