Best Time Trekking Rwenzori Mountains

Best Time Trek Rwenzori Mountains –  Rwenzori Mountains is home to Uganda’s highest peak (Margherita peak at 5109 m/16,762 ft.) and for trekkers knowing when to climb Rwenzori Mountains is very helpful in preparing for the trek.

Though it is generally possible to trek Rwenzori Mountains any time of the year, there are months that are generally characterized by warm temperatures and others by colder weather with more rains, lots of glaciers and snow at the summit.

The best time to climb the Rwenzori Mountains of Rwenzori Mountains National Park is from June through to August and from December to February which are the driest and warmest months of the year.

Since these months are favorable for the trek, tourists visit much frequently and these are the busiest months of the park too.

The rainy seasons are in the months of March to May and November.

Weather in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park is generally wet and the peaks covered with mists most of the time.

Rwenzori Mountains Margherita Peak Summit

Climbing Rwenzori Mountains in the dry season (best time)

Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in the dry season months has a great advantage of keeping dry most of the time during the trek.

Though there could be rains in these times that are taken to be the best time to trek the Rwenzori Mountains, there is a high possibility of low precipitation that is infrequent therefore leaving trekkers much more comfortable rather than during the heavy rains.

Acclimatization can also greatly affect trekkers and even lead to cancellation of the hike, however, with low rains there is a possibility of proper acclimatization and a general enjoyment of the trek.

With the dry season also are the brighter skies and therefore very clear views and visible scenery.

Climbing Rwenzori Mountains in the dry season offers the advantage of having a less cold trek in a high season when there are many hikers and therefore an opportunity to trek alongside other groups and socialize in the camps.

Low season trek to the Rwenzori Mountains

The months of March to May and November form the rainy season and still trekking is open during this time. With the season having a few tourists, the mountain is much emptier and therefore one has the chance to enjoy a remote mountain with lots of great scenery to enjoy.

The quietness and solitude of the mountains during these times is what some travelers want and therefore best time for trekkers who want to have such an environment.

Best Time to trek to the Peak?

After choosing the suitably best time to trek Rwenzori Mountains the best time for the ascent to the peak should be early in the hours between 2:00 AM and about 8:00 AM.

During these times mists and clouds often veil the peaks. The snow melts when it becomes warmer in the morning and therefore the snow melts making it not the best time to reach the peaks.

Best Rwenzori Mountains Trekking Tours

10 Days Rwenzori Mountains trekking Kilembe trail is also known as the “southern circuit”.  A trek through the Kilembe trail takes you through the sine hut (2,585 m), Kalalama hut (3.147m) to Mutinda Camp (3.688 m), Bugata Camp (4.062 m), Butawu Camp (3.974 m), Margherita Camp (4,485 m).

9 Days Mount Rwenzori trekking/9 Days Rwenzori Mountains Trekking/mountaineering/hiking itinerary to Uganda’s Rwenzori National Park is the ultimate hiking package to Magherita Peak. The actual hike from the foothills to the Magherita peak of Mountain Rwenzori using the central circuit trail takes 7 days and 6 nights.

2 Days Rwenzori Trekking: The Rwenzori Mountains are the third-highest mountains in Africa and the highest in Uganda, rising an impressive 1600–5109 meters above sea level within the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and being referred to as “The Mystical Challenge” by those who have conquered this “Mystical Journey.” The Rwenzori, often known as the “mountains of the moon,” are 5,109 meters high and are the highest mountains in Africa.

Following a simple circuit, this 3-day Rwenzori mountain trip will take you from the bamboo and rainforest of the foothills to the enormous heather and heath of the Alpine zone. You’ll get to see unique plants, as well as streams, rivers, and waterfalls during this hike. The scenery, colors, and wildlife shift and evolve with each passing hour and higher elevation. As you climb higher, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas of Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

For the most challenging mountaineering adventure, we recommend a four-day trek and ascent of Uganda’s Rwenzori mountains. The snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains run along the western rift valley, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The mountains, originally known as the Rwenzori mountains but now simply called “mountains of the moon,” reach a height of 5,109 meters.

The Rwenzori trekking track that takes five days has recently been made available for backcountry campers. The trails wind through the mountain forest, where you might spot a chameleon, a blue monkey, a chameleon, or even a Rwenzori Turaco while you hike. There is no shorter walk than three days. John Matte Hut is available for a one-day extension.

6 Days Rwenzori Trekking to the Top of Weismann Peak takes Mountain Trekking along Rwenzori Mountain in Uganda located in the Western Part of Uganda. Weismann Peak is a sub-5,000m trekking peak accessible via the Kilembe Trail. We offer it as a moderate trek in contrast to the demanding peaks of Mt Stanley and Baker.

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